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Burger Hut
There has never been a better time to open a Burger Hut. If you’re ready, we’ve got an unbeatable recipe, so come build your own franchise opportunity and fire up a grill with us today!
29,500 USD (U.S. Dollar)
In 1978, we had a plan to work in a friendly environment where our guests would be welcomed and always feel comfortable; one that offered quality food at value prices. We wanted to serve food quickly, but not serve fast food. We wanted to serve popular and common food (after all, what's more common than a burger in the USA?) but prepare it in an uncommon way -- with special attention to quality and selection. We wanted our guests to have plenty of fresh choices when it came to condiments. We wanted a place we could be proud of and where we would make lots of new friends. Little did we know back then that what we were creating was the model for a national franchise!

The original Burger Hut in Chico, California is located just across the railroad tracks from California State University, Chico. Over the years we have consistently provided quick value-packed meals to college students, while helping many work their way through school as employees. As our popularity grew, so did our business, and we opened several other Burger Hut locations nearby.

Today, Burger Hut continues to serve the highest quality food. A family owned and operated restaurant tradition, Burger Hut Burgers takes pride in being a part of the community. Our philosophy remains simple -- provide quality fresh food at reasonable prices and let the guests decide what goes on their burgers.

Two generations of our family have made a commitment to keep quality high and our attention personalized. We are not just another burger place. Our Secret Sauce is a traditional recipe of mouthwatering goodness that only we prepare. Our Fresh Fixin's Bar features the finest and freshest produce and condiments available anywhere. We also know our guests by name.

Our family grew our business. Our employees are our family as well, as is our community. Family is important here at Burger Hut, and now we'd like to welcome you into our family too. We want to get to know you better. We want you to know that we care about you and every person you come into contact with in this business: from the vendors and service providers, to your employees and guests. We want you to enjoy this experience as much as we have.

Burger Hut is one of the pioneers of the build-your-own burger, revolutionizing the 'Fresh Fixins' bar. All ingredients are of the highest quality, super fresh and delicious. As a Burger Hut franchise owner, you can take pride in knowing that Burger Hut burgers themselves are made with only 100% fresh ground USDA grade A beef. Fresh toppings include thick slices of hearty tomatoes and red onions, crispy green leaf lettuce, sweet and dill pickles, relish, mayonnaise, mustard, Burger Hut’s Secret Sauce, hot sauce, our own signature barbecue sauce, and more. Burger Hut also offers a wide array of meatless, vegetarian friendly and health conscious options. Offering your guests just what they want will keep them coming back time and again!
4 Branches
Franchise opportunities available in Arizona, California, Nevada and Oregan.
Sum Branch4 Branch
Total Investgment Required: $293,150 - $433,000.

The way we help our guests to build their hamburgers just the way they want, we help our franchisees build their business! Burger Hut franchise support services include:
  • Assistance with site evaluation, selection and build-out.
  • Extensive pre-opening and post-opening training including staffing support.
  • Design guidance, equipment support, furniture and decor, suppliers' program.
  • Documentation and procedural support.
  • Continuing support.
We know you are looking for more than just a business. You want to be a part of something bigger - part of a tradition, part of a family, part of a community. We know you take pride in your work and encourage only the best in others. In 1978, we had a plan to build a friendly environment where our guests would be welcomed and always feel comfortable; one that offered quality food at value prices. Burger Hut was born and is still thriving almost 30 years later.
ContactThe Original (West Chico)
933 Nord Avenue
Chico, CA 95926
Mobile(530) 891-1418
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