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CIAI Tianjin

12 - 14 August 2019 | International Industry Automation Technology & Equipment Exhibition
The CIAI - China Tianjin International Industry Automation Technology & Equipment Exhibition is an international trade fair for automation and industrial accessories. It takes place twice a year and is open to both trade visitors and other interested visitors.

The fair offers to detail and system solutions for automation and efficiency improvement in this particular field. Visitors will find an ideal platform to establish new business contacts. It is the optimal environment for international professionals to meet and discuss information from the industry. Interested private visitors will have the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information on robotics, industrial robots, 3D printing technology, laser technology, measurement systems, test systems, air pressure, automation service, and much more. Many exhibitors are with good tips.

The exhibition is complemented by a top-class supporting program that current developments and future trends is dedicated.
On the whole the organisers welcomed on the 4 days of the fair, from 09. March to 12. March 2017, about 400 exhibitors from 20 countries and 30000 visitors on the CIAI in Tianjin.
A very special event is the 20th anniversary edition of the CIAI, which takes place on 3 days from Mon., 12.08.2019 to Wed., 14.08.2019 in Tianjin.
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