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Hong Kong Computer and Communications Festival

23-26 August 2019
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Hong Kong Computer and Communication Festival
Hong Kong Computer and Communication Festival is an exhibition designed to meet the needs of new technologies. The conference launched a number of activities to make the exhibition the focus of the audience. It created spending of approximately HK$300 million in just four days. The number of booths for the exhibition reached more than 500, and the number of visitors to the venue was increasing year by year, attracting visitors from Hong Kong, the Mainland, Southeast Asia, and even the world. The exhibition will continue to keep up with the upsurge of science and technology and create a hot massage in the city.
The Hong Kong computer industry association was established on 24 July 1998 as a non-profit making organization
The Hong Kong computer industry association was established on 24 July 1998 as a non-profit making organization. The chamber of commerce was originally formed by 10 industry professionals. Since then, it has grown to over 500 corporate members in various fields, including computer production, agency, wholesale, retail, support services, software and hardware development, etc. Member companies include multinational enterprises, medium and large scale agents and small and medium-sized enterprises
Chinese brain business people, brain business will be set up
Chinese brain business people, brain business will be set up, China telecom trade union will be set up, to unite the Chinese brain culture of the information industry, such as related enterprises to bring more business opportunities, China business will be more prosperous. The Hong Kong computer industry association of China is even more against the "industry mouthpiece" of the mind, to establish a bridge of communication with government departments and the industry - as its own responsibility, the Chinese brain business for the public good.
  • The content is to increase the chances of the content person, to communicate with each other in different business roles, to draw accurate information, and to show the direction of the conference content.
  • Breakaway from fragmentation, barely communicate and transform into a commercial machine for conflict.
  • The concentration of resources, high dike efficiency, cooperative interests, such as massive mining revision, joint advertising edition, etc.
  • To advance payment to consumers and enemies and commercial traps refer to blind and illegal business practices.
  • Be confident to organize and implement the consumer conference through the business conference.
  • Increase order understanding, complement each other, improve the level of the industry.
  • To speed up the use of computers in daily life and promote computer education
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