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400,000 THB (Thailand)
Le Coeur de France is inspired from a long tradition of providing freshly baked French products. With its unique black and red colors, Le Coeur de France was able to create its own niche and loyal customer base in Manila. As an up market FAST-FOOD that capitalizes on the upgrade of existing customers to a more sophisticated product, Le Coeur de France is definitely one of the most exiting and competitive concepts to hit the market in recent years.

Company Profile :
  • Le Coeur de France was established in 1994 and is operated in the Philippines by Boulangerie Francaise, Inc. The philosophy and vision of Le Coeur de France is to become a leader in the technology of French bakery products in the Philippines. To achieve this vision, Le Coeur de France uses state of the art technology combining skill, equipment, sanitary conditions and only the best ingredients. All products are created from original recipes and 100% natural. The finest wheat is used to produce excellent breads and pastries. Le Coeur de France’s commitment to quality is your guarantee of success.
Mission Statement :
  • The concept of Le Coeur de France is inspired upon a long French tradition of providing freshly baked French products, geared to all things coming from France. In it’s shops we will find an authentic Parisian atmosphere recreated by posters with French writing, French music, French style uniforms and of course high quality value for money French products. By associating the image of Le Coeur de France to France we are riding on a perception of sophisticated taste and discerned cultural background. France, in the mind of most people, is fashion culture, history, romance and good food.
  • Le Coeur de France – Authentic French Bakery – does not only sell a baguette sandwich, a croissant or a high quality cup of Coffee. These are critical elements in the success of the project but on its own is not enough. To add value and differentiation from existing operators, Le Coeur de France offers authentic French ambience, full of psychological and emotional associations, found in all the ingredients surrounding the customer. It will offer hotel quality products and ambiance at a fraction of their price.
Franchises available :
  • Single unit franchises are available for areas around Metro Manila in Luzon and within Metro Manila, where Le Coeur de France is not yet operating a store close to a good location.
  • Area franchises are available for CEBU and BACOLOD/ILOILO. Area Franchisees must open 4 stores in each area.
Financial Qualifications :
  • Franchise applicants must be financially able to provide the initial cash investment and working capital.
  • For Unit Franchise : Franchise Fee P 400,000 plus investment in the store around P 2 Million.
  • For Area Franchise : Franchise Fee P 1 Million, plus investment in 4 stores, warehousing, etc., therefore a total capital of close to P 10 Million is needed.
Criteria for Franchisee Selection
  • Le Coeur de France prefers franchise applicants with successful professional track record, not necessarily in the restaurant business. This track record gives emphasis on people handling skills and management. Further, applicants are required to be familiar with day to day retail business operations, preferably in restaurant. Franchise applicants should have the motivation to succeed and entrepreneurial spirit – aggressive and prepared to take risks. Applicants must be willing to work within the Le Coeur de France system. Le Coeur de France gives priority and preference to a full time hands-on operator. The understanding of the operational aspects will greatly contribute to the success and development of the venture.
ContactRK Franchise Consultancy
Coeur de France Ecole de Langues 1 Place de la Panneterie Sancerre 18300
Mobile+33 2 48 79 34 08
Information as 22 มกราคม 2021 
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