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CRYO Stay Young
“The use of cold temperatures for the benefits of Recovery, Weight Loss and Anti-Aging.”
The use of cold temperatures for the benefits of Recovery, Weight Loss and Anti-Aging. Cold is known as mother natures element to reduce inflammation. CRYO uses very advanced European technology to increase the effect by decreasing the unpleasant feeling of low temperatures. 

Many top athletes and celebrtities integrated CRYO into their daily routine to perform on highest levels. People like Christiano Ronaldo and Kobe Bryant do up to two CRYO sessions per day. One in the morning to increase metabolism and to have up to 10% more power and energy and one at nighttime as cold reduces inflammation. CRYO is known as the worlds most advanced recovery system. It's strong anti-aging benefits were discoverd by celebriteis and socialites world wide. 

CRYO Stay Young is the market leader in cryotherapy with a vertical integration of retail, service and manufacturing to cover the value chain from A – Z. 
  • World market leader in CRYOtherapy
  • Vertical integration of retail, service and manufacturing
  • #1 website around cryotherapy on Google worldwide
  • Strong marketing and social media support
  • Tons of print press and TV coverage available
Experience in scaling retail concepts is a key skill to become a CRYO Franchisee. 

Industry knowledge in the sport and wellness world is a big plus. 

Multiple locations in a quick turn-around is required as the demand is very high on an international level.
Training & Support :

CRYO has a full team of trainers to guarantee a seamless launch to each and every franchisee. A whole CRYO book with all operating procedures and industry knowledge will be provided in digital as well as paperback form. 

CRYO-Services is the fully owned service company that will handle installation and service under highest European Safety Standards
ContactCRYO Stay Young
Inside Fitness, 7021 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028, United States
Mobile+1 323-381-5388
Information as 8 May 2020 
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CRYO Stay Young
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