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ICONS Coffee Couture
“The German Coffee & Lifestyle Experience”
Icons Coffee Couture is a German Fashion & Lifestyle Coffee Chain born to nourish with organic coffees, handcrafted sweets & treats - in style! Icons is famous for their sugar-free bakery and beverage assortment which is sweetened all naturally without added sugars, but full taste!

With always changing specality blends such as Kopi Luwak, Panama Gesha and Jamaican Blue Icons surprises with an always new assortment of world's most exclusive and expensive coffee's and therefore true Coffee Couture! Served in fashionable interior Icons is the 'place to be'!

ICONS currently has 3 new locations under construction in the UAE, and work is ongoing to open the 5 new locations in Qatar, and 3 in Bahrain. Sahara Mall & Haza Stadium (UAE) locations will be opening in August and September 2016, with others to follow! For 2017 between 8 – 10 further owned locations are planned in UAE.
  • First Mover Advantage. World's first sugar-free Coffee Chain
  • Future Demand. Based on the increasing food-related health problematic and the shift in consumption for more healthy offers.
  • Diverse Sales Opportunities as Trendsetter. By implementing the latest fashion trends to create new sales opportunities and entertain the customers.
  • Place to be. We believe in the extraordinary, that's why we serve special highlights, such as world's most exclusive coffee and tea.
  • Organic. We believe in organic and while our ICONS beans and teas are already organic certified, we aim to be 100% organic with all our assortments in the future.
  • In Vogue: We believe in the uniqueness and power of every one! Express your style and make life remarkable with our seasonal limited cup editions!
  • Licensing Partners, Area Developers
  • experience in F&B
  • financial capability
  • good local market knowledge
  • Passion for the brand
Training and Support :
  • Management trainings programs (class room, on the job)
  • Detailed Franchise Manuals (Establishment, Operation, Personnel, Marketing, Interior, Management, Recipes)
  • Marketing Support, Marketing Promotion Handbooks
  • Branded product supply
  • Opening Support
  • Ongoing Training & Optimization Support to maintain the ICONS Standards
  • Continuous product developments
Why Icons?
  • Affordable investment with great returns
  • Become the first to offer the ICONS 'Hollywood Diet' and enhance a healthy, but joyful change in your area
  • Introduce an innovative coffee-fashion concept to your market
  • Enjoy multiple revenue streams from offering F&B and merchandise sales items
  • Simple to setup and manage through our standard operating procedures and franchise manuals
  • A shift in consumption and a growing demand for healthy F&B
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Souk Al Bahar Bridge,Downtown Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Information as 12 ตุลาคม 2020 
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ICONS Coffee Co
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