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Our new range of Inkrite laser toner cartridges are a direct replacement for many popular brands of OEM laser toner. They deliver professional performance quickly, easily, reliably and cost-effectively, and are perfect for users who need high levels of laser quality and productivity at a low investment.
Inkrite toners are designed as a direct replacement for the manufacturers original toner giving the same outstanding results you would expect at lower cost.

Inkrite"™s quality control ensures life cycle print performances consistent with OEM equivalents. Print results are sharper and clearer even on non-photo papers.

Anyone at all. In recent months, with the launches of new Colour Capable Laser Printers, the cost of the hardware has fallen dramatically bringing Laser printing not only to office environments, but also to the home user.

Essentially, it is the reconditioning of the OEM product. We only use original toner cartridges that have not been reused before.

Our "used-once" shell means a better, higher quality result over other "used-many" equivalents.  The original shells are vacuum cleaned to remove any trace of remaining toner to avoid cross toner contamination and all individual components are checked and replaced if they do not meet our benchmark OEM quality standard.
Each year, over 350 million ink cartridges are thrown out to the landfills. To put it in a simpler perspective, about a milion of them are disposed daily.  That would be around 11 per second! They can take up to 450 to 1000 years to decompose. There are programs implemented all over the world to encourage the recycling of ink cartridges. Why should one choose to reuse cartridges than buy a new one? Here are some of the reasons:
  • It reduces air and water pollution associated with landfilling and manufacturing of new cartridges.
  • It helps conserve our natural resources because it minimizes the need for raw materials.
  • It saves energy.
ContactMr. Joseph Anthony Luna
2nd Floor, Pioneer Stationers Bldg.,, 26 Aurora Blvd., San Juan City
Information as 25 มกราคม 2021 
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