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Flip Out
Australia's largest trampoline park operator
We are Flip Out®, Australia's largest and premier operator of trampoline parks with over 20 facilities already operating and many more under development all around the world.

Dozens of trampolines, all connected to create one giant trampoline that literally allows you to jump or flip off the walls. 

Flip Out® is all about having fun with your mates. 
It’s about uninhibited laughter, adrenaline-pumping play and the exhilaration of being air-born.
Flip Out® is about getting healthy and active...without slaving away in a gym.

And it’s not JUST for kids. 

We fill a huge gap in the entertainment market by catering to children, teenagers, young adults, mums and dads alike. 
Flip Out® has something for everyone and is immensely popular with all segments of our target market! 

We not only bring families together, we bring the community together. Trampolining unites people. 
When patrons step inside a Flip Out® arena, they are transported to another world that is filled with adrenaline, extreme fun and laughter. Kids and adults alike can play, be free and enjoy their time together, all the while improving their physical fitness. They become a member of the Flip Out® family in their first visit. Staff members welcome them with open arms and treat them like friends they have known forever.

Our business provides an incredible opportunity to join a thriving organization that has enjoyed an unprecedented track record of success and represents a strong investment proposition. 

Here are just a few of the many attractions to owning a Flip Out® franchise : 

Growing demand: The chance to be part of a business that has unimaginable growth potential. This isn’t a tired brand; trampolining is hot, and its popularity is growing at rapid speed - with Flip Out® leading the way! 

Incredible earning potential: You will profit from our cost-efficient and streamlined business model. At Flip Out®, your business will run on low overheads and competitive staffing requirements leading to a historically proven speedy payback on your investment. 

We’ve done the ground work: Own a brand that’s already loved by people of all ages. You’re never alone: Flip Out® offers its franchisees the tools and support to make their business a success. This includes initial start-up support, ongoing marketing and continual business growth support.

It’s attainable: The funds required to own a Flip Out® franchise are highly competitive compared to other franchise options. 

If you’re looking for a fresh, innovative and fun entertainment concept unlike anything else currently in the market, that targets kids and adults alike and has tremendous earning potential, then Flip Out® is the brand for you! 

Flip Out® provides comprehensive pre-launch and post-launch ongoing support that covers every facet of setting up and operating a trampoline park. Support ranges all the way from providing the equipment to assisting in developing the facility’s operations and processes.
  • Reshape the stereotypical family entertainment, presenting a healthy alternative to electronic entertainment and bringing a new, fun and exciting childhood fantasy to life!
  • Disrupts traditional model of entertainment for kids and young adults with a concept that is equal parts fun and healthy
  • Capitalizes on the fast growing trend of recreational fitness and ‘active fun’ along with the burgeoning trampolining industry
  • Extraordinarily profitable business model with low fixed overheads and high margins; short payback period and exceptionally high returns
  • Relatively low investment cost when compared to other traditional forms of entertainment
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • Direct benefit and support from Flip Out’s® MENA hub in Dubai, UAE
  • No specific prior experience or prior skills required - all training is provided
  • Strong knowledge of local market preferences, legal parameters and localities
  • Well capitalized and established access to capital highly preferred
  • Passion for fun and fitness
ContactFlip Out
Unit 1-2 / 10 Short Street Brookvale NSW 2100 Australia
Mobile(02) 9907-1697
Information as 8 May 2020 
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