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Millennium Dance Complex
The most famous dance studio in the world!!
Born in 1992, Millennium Dance Complex is the most famous dance studio brand in the world. Founded by Ann Marie Hudson in Los Angeles, CA, it has been fueled by Hollywood's entertainment business's hype machine. 

Millennium Dance Complex is the preeminent dance instruction brand in commercial dance. Millennium offers dance and dance fitness classes to everyone from beginning dancers to Hollywood's biggest celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Usher, Ariana Grande, Pink and Diddy. 

Millennium is home to some of dance's best and highest-profile choreographers, who choreograph and teach the biggest pop stars when they practice for their videos and tours.
Dance's popularity continues to explode thanks to increased exposure on television, in movies, and major concerts. 

With its focus on contemporary, popular music and dance, Millennium distinguishes itself from the existing competition of aged dance studio brands that focus on ballroom and classical dance and do not appeal to the modern, progressive population and 12-34 year old millennials who are the Millennium customers.
  • Initial Training - 2 weeks training for Master Franchisee personnel at Millennium HQ and corporate studio in California, USA following completion of pre-training FastStart program. 1 week Choreographer training in country/territory by Millennium Dance Choreographer.
  • Opening Support - 1 week opening support in country/territory at opening of first Millennium Dance Complex studio.
  • Ongoing Support - A Millennium Dance executive will make at least 1 annual support visit to country/territory each year during the term of the Master Franchise Agreement.
  • Marketing Support - Initial and ongoing support with sales and marketing.
  • Number One Brand in Commercial Dance: Millennium Dance Complex, in business for 23 years, owns and operates the Millennium Dance Complex dance studio in North Hollywood, California, the preeminent commercial dance studio, where dance instruction is taught, in the United States.
  • Celebrity Endorsement: Millennium Dance Complex is home to some of dance's best and highest-profile choreographers including those that work with A-List celebrities and pop stars such as Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus.
  • Global Recognition: Millennium Dance Complex pop star clientele and commitment to customer service have distinguished it as an internationally-known brand in the growing dance industry, one that is ripe for rapid growth.
Millennium Dance Complex seeks master franchisees who embody the following characteristics :
  • Committed to Millennium Dance Complex Vision, Mission & Values - Master franchisees must believe in the brand and what it stands for and must be committed to upholding the values important to Millennium Dance Complex relating to its employees, customers, the community etc.
  • Has a Positive Image & Reputation - Master franchisees should have an image and a reputation of honesty and integrity in dealing with its partners, associates, employees, suppliers, customers etc. This image is indispensable in establishing the Millennium Dance Complex business in the country or territory
  • Occupies a Competitive Position in Market - Master franchisees are typically granted a master franchise for an entire country or territory therefore it is important that a Master franchisee has the capabilities and relationships necessary to develop an agreed number of Millennium Dance Complex studios in that country or territory during the term of the master franchise agreement.
  • Sufficiently Financed - Master franchisees should have sufficient capital to adequately finance the Millennium Dance Complex business including the necessary banking relationships to obtain the financing required to develop the agreed number of Millennium Dance Complex studios required throughout the term of the master franchise agreement.
  • Has the Right Attitude - The acquisition of Millennium Dance Complex master franchise rights for a country or territory must be considered as a serious long term commitment which will require the active involvement and support of the master franchisee and a full time commitment from its shareholders and management team.
ContactMillennium Dance Complex
11528 VENTURA BLVD, STUDIO CITY, CA 91604, United States
Mobile+1 818-753-5081
Information as 8 พฤษภาคม 2020 
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