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MRV International is the pre-school company of the MRV Group. The group has a long history with its contribution to the education sector. The school has been ISO 9001-2000 certified. The group emphasizes on high quality education matching int. std.
The seed of goodness and knowledge is to be sown at the very beginning of life in the pre school. This is the most impressionable age. MRV international has made initiatives to make children rise with a difference to stand apart in the crowd. MRV International is different in many ways following the amalgamated road designated by Takshila, Nalanda, Howard and Cambridge. Our vision talks about social engineering that’s what we are focused on. Our children are groomed in a manner that they grew sensitive towards societal and humanitarian concerns. MRV International is different in its mission. Instead of of giving training of the skills, we concentrate on generating happiness owing to firm belief that only happy children can create happiness around. 

Our learning programme supports achieving this happiness which helps children to enhance their self-esteem resulting calmness and happiness. We have ‘open book concept’ programme as part of curriculum that gives us scope to match child’s learning outcome to the parental aspirations and needs. In the same spirit our educational policy speaks about nurturing children in association with parents. We believe in ‘No Competition with others Policy’ and ‘Teach to Compete Self and Cooperate Others’ Our children rise in a spirit of cooperation and socializing. In a different manner we evaluate our children giving them always happiness and exclusiveness. 

We are different in our approach, having 30 years of experience in this industry and 10 years of experience of implementing quality management system, we concentrate on every aspect of child’s development, analyse systematically the root cause and close on achieving the targeted improvement. Dr. Pranavi Luthra has done research on ‘Systematic Education Management’ and devices the tools and techniques to identify individual differences and apply different methods and approach to get parallel results.
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