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Franchising has now become the most recognized and most likely become the business trend here in the Philippines. We can see them various and myriads franchise stores in all corners of the country including the popular Mexicali. Mexicali is the country’s famous establishment offering superb Californian-Mexican cuisine such as delectable burritos, crispy tacos and delicious enchiladas. 

Mexicali opened its doors in February 1993 - the dream of three siblings, Gonzalo, Dennis and Francesca Mabanta, who over the years had enjoyed very much the Latino culture and cuisine of San Francisco's famous Mission District.

The Mabantas missed the taste of this particular San Francisco-Mex style food in Manila, and so decided to do something about it. When a space became available at the Ayala Center in Makati, the first ever San Francisco-style burrito in the country was born. In 1993, there were quite a few naysayers who said that the concept wouldn't work,

since Filipinos don’t really like Mexican food (though they enjoy the margaritas). The siblings were young and inexperienced, and so did not listen to the pessimistic business advice. Throwing caution to the wind, they just went ahead with it. Thankfully, Mexicali has not only survived, it is actually not far from its 20th year of existence, with thirteen branches around Metro Manila serving thousands of happy customers. 

It has become the biggest quick service Mexican Restaurant chain in the country, and has even spawned a few imitators to boot. And the previously unheard of original California burrito is now a well known word amongst local foodies.

In 2009, a fortuitous event happened: eldest brother Gonzalo married a Latin American woman, Claudia Hernandez, and a new element was brought into the Mexicali family. It had the effect of reenergizing and reinvigorating the restaurant chain, as Claudia it turned out was an enterprising businesswoman as well as an expert on the cuisine of Latin America. 

When she joined up, all sorts of things started to happen—from the menu, the service, a logo redesign, ongoing interior renovations…they even came up with a brand new bestseller: the famous Mexican soft corn taco, a must-try if you haven’t had it yet. Ahh, the power of women. Today, Mexicali is on the verge of international exposure as franchise inquiries have been coming in from Qatar, Canada and Guam. New stores are opening locally too, soon, with the latest units at the Serendra complex, The Fort, and in currently booming Naga City.
If you have pinned down your decision to apply for a Mexicali franchise, you will never go wrong with your business endeavor because Mexicali has a proven business track record and have served millions of satisfied customers. By owning a franchise of Mexicali you will get an ultimate package full of business benefits and profit potential growth.

Included in the franchise package of Mexicali is an all out support to make your business leverage and do well in the return of investment. One way of showing Mexicali’s support is the inclusion of training programs in the franchise for the manager and staffs. Training covers good customer service, successful store operations, kitchen techniques, flow of product or control, financial and inventory management and personnel or staff relations. They will provide manual to run and operate the restaurant in a Mexicali way. The franchise term is good for 5 years and renewable.
For the financial aspects of the Mexicali franchise, a prospective franchisee must prepare oneself of the following expenditure, Php 1 million an amount needed for the basic construction, Php 600,000 to spend for the equipment and for the interiors or accessories an estimated amount of Php 200,000 is needed. The  franchise also covers the use of license, brand name and trademark, staffing or personnel recruitment, training for crews and the store manager, operating assistance and support as well as operating guidelines. Another thing to consider is a 40 to 70 sq. meter area or space ideal for the store and also a royalty fee of 6% from the monthly gross sales.
What more beneficial is that with Mexicali franchise they assist you with the marketing of your business by helping you in promoting and advertising for more exposure. You won’t also find a problem with the equipment and construction because they provide a corporate contractor or you can have your choice of construction company so long it follows specifications of restaurant’s design. All kitchen needs and interiors are also provided. And to ensure your success, a constant and close monitoring is done for your business growth and sales because Mexicali is committed to give you a return of investment in as early as 2 years within operation.
ContactMexicali Food Corporation
Mexicali Food Corp., JVR Bldg., Felipe St., Poblacion, Makati City, Philippines
Mobile(02)895-7713, (02)729-3358
Information as 1 Febuary 2019 
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