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It all started in the 1990's, when the Philippine’s electronic technology system was being overwhelmed by the massive influx of imported computer printers. These advanced printers were a great success among small scale Filipino business enterprises and households because of relatively affordable prices.How, the exorbitant printer cartridges were scaled painfully high in the Filipino consumer’s buying range and became a major industry problem. Soon, it became apparent that buying new printer cartridges actually exceeded the cost of the printers themselves. And the continuous usage of these printers meant buying more cartridges that made the cost even bigger.

In 1999, it came up with a working and financially viable ink recycling system. This ink recycling system was envisioned to help consumers with their printing while conforming to the high standards of the industry.

Hence, Ink-Man® Philippines started its business operations. It now provides its consumers with the perfect alternative to expensive imported cartridges. Using the simple principles of recycling, printer usage has become more economical for our consumers and more environment-friendly.

Today, Ink-Man® Philippines continues to be the premier provider of quality ink products in the Philippines. Further, it is continuously innovating and technologically upgrading its capabilities on how it can give its consumers through the franchisees the perfect quality yet affordable products and services.
Unit 6-0, Future Point Plaza 3, #111 Panay Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City
Information as 25 มกราคม 2021 
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