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LIC Pengkilap Motor & Mobil

LIC Obat Poles Motor, Mobil, Helm, dan Kaca / Visor Helm offers Franchise / Waralaba business opportunity in Indonesia. LIC is Triple Action Polish for all Purpose Cleaner, Polish, and Paint Protection in one easy step.

8,000,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)

The Advantages of LIC :
  • Not Wax and not Silicone so do not scrape paint
  • Works on the outer portion of the paint (varnish)
  • Has durability more than 3 months
  • Based and technology from the USA & Germany
  • Can be used as a cleaner and Protector of all kinds of products made from metal, plastic, chrome, stainless, wood, leather, floor tile / marble, and all kinds of your favorite items
LIC Triple Action Polish works amazingly on Helm & Visor :
  1. Water Based Non Amonia, Non Wax, and Non Alcohol
  2. Save, Premium Quality with Affordable Price
  3. Very effective to clean the exterior of visors
  4. Tested since 2005 capable of completely clean and polish Helm & Visor
  5. Protect your Helm & Visor from UV exposure
  6. LIC is Leading Intelligence Care for Intelligence People
  7. Works great on glass (window)
LIC Triple Action Polish is very good for Detailing a Car :
  • Grill, cover rear view mirror, LIS window (chrome plastic material)
  • Lighting (mika materials), wiper body (material steel / plastic)
  • Velg, body stripe (plastic / rubber), the door handle (plastic)
  • Air Grill (near the wiper), rubber / lis glass (material Rubber / syntetic)
  • And other detailing

ContactAris / Leo
Outlet Salon Motor and Helm CSC Washer
Mobile+62 21 – 95740715 / 95590704
Information as 28 มกราคม 2021 
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