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NJoy Now Prepaid Adult Cards
The NJOY NOW adult entertainment franchise opportunity gives you an ‘in’ within the hottest niche in an exciting, fast-growing industry – prepaid adult Internet access cards.
16,995 THB (Thailand)
Njoy the Answer to Anonymous Adult Internet Access

We are all aware of the obstacles involved in accessing quality adult content. Foremost is the ridiculous request for credit card information or email addresses. This opens up the door to any number of problems, such as:

Identity Theft
“According to the Federal Trade Commission, 10 million people a year, about 27,000 people a day—that adds up to 19 people every minute—are victims of identity theft.” — (May 2005) Learn More About Identity Theft

Recurring Fees
Deceptive business is being practiced daily on the Internet. Do not be a victim of it. Many adult sites mislead people by charging a monthly fee but imply that the fee is a one time charge. Once people realize what's happening they have already been beaten for numerous payments before cancelling their unwanted subscription.

Lack of Privacy
How many people would love to view full length films of their favorite adult content but would prefer their significant other did not discover this activity when they opened up a credit card statement. Take a guess...almost everyone.

The NJOY NOW Internet franchise opportunity gives you an ‘in’ within the hottest niche in the exciting, fast-growing adult products industry – Prepaid Adult Internet Access Cards.

Sex sells, there’s no getting around it. One of the largest, most profitable industries on the Internet is Adult Entertainment – and it’s only getting bigger! Couple that with our high margin product and you can start to see how the NJOY NOW adult entertainment franchise opportunity has enormous profit potential!

The NJOY NOW Franchise Opportunity
As an NJOY NOW franchise distributor, you will be the face of NJOY NOW in your area. Supported by a superior sales training program and compelling marketing campaigns, you will place NJOY NOW cards for sale in high-volume retail stores – such as convenience stores – and watch them sell. It’s easy as that! As a matter of fact, each $20 NJOY NOW card sold will reap you an average profit of $9 – that’s a 45% margin!

Njoy and The Level Of Investment You Would Like To Start With
Becoming a licensed Njoy Distributor is very simple and affordable. You can begin this as a very simple home based business and watch it grow. This is a product that will spin out of control if you let it. Our initial investment starts at $16,995 and delivers enough cards, displays and support to return more than double that figure. Now call us so we can get your small business started.

Customers simply buy a 30-day NJOY NOW card at their local retail store, anonymously login to NJOYNOW's website and get in on all the action – adult videos, online games, humor & news columns, and much more. No privacy risks, no credit card numbers, no e-mail addresses – only the best anonymous online adult entertainment!
The NJOY NOW Franchise package includes:

- Secured Distribution Territories.
- Complete franchise management and NJOY NOW sales training program.
- NJOY NOW Cards worth at least twice your investment alone.
- High-quality NJOY NOW card display units for retail establishments.
- Plenty of NJOY NOW promotional items, posters, and marketing materials.
- Package benefits that grow as your franchise does.
- On-going franchisor support and assistance.
Njoy will be a business that will allow you to provide these cards to retailers in your area. You will be our Njoy licensed distributor and the profit per card will be fantastic. The cards will be available everywhere magazines, cigarettes and lottery tickets are sold.

Cards will be available for 3 days, 10 days, and 30 days of unlimited access. Customers will be loyal as we will be updating content every week. Our lockable displays will be located safely behind the register. Each point of sale package includes merchant-distributor inventory forms, posters, door decals, sell-sheets, as well as distributor software.

This business is incredibly profitable and the product is revolutionary. There are thousands of retail locations that are welcoming these cards. Do not let this opportunity pass you by.
ContactJohn Green Consulting, Inc.
1229 N. North Branch
Chicago, IL 60622
Information as 28 มกราคม 2021 
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