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Kids Healthy Vending
Meet the demand for healthy snacks & beverages with the YoNaturals healthy vending business opportunity!
30,000 USD (U.S. Dollar)
YoNaturals is leading the fight against junk food in vending machines. With our YoZone vending machines and the most comprehensive natural/organic distribution program in the nation, YoNaturals offers a complete, turnkey solution for any and all premier locations wanting to benefit from a healthy food vending concept.
Today, an astonishing 12.5 million children in America are overweight and 13 million more are at serious risk of becoming overweight. In 2001 the Surgeon General declared child obesity an epidemic. The vending industry in the U.S. is currently worth $35 billion a year and features almost 100% unhealthy products such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Frito Lay and Mars. Most consumers are fully aware that these products are unhealthy but have little alternative but to buy them when a quick snack or drink is required. Childhood obesity and early onset diabetes in young adults have created new legislation directed at eliminating junk food in vending machines from schools completely. Hospitals, health clubs, corporate environments and other traditional vending sites are quickly following the trend. This has created a huge opportunity for a healthy vending option. That's where YoNaturals comes in!

In early 2008 YoNaturals began a trial in a number of elementary schools throughout the nation. The goal was to provide a product “plan o gram” that met both parents' and schools' nutrition guidelines and would convince the kids that our products actually met their taste requirements. This program has been very successful and because of this we are pleased to introduce the “Kids Zone” vending machine business.
Our YoZone kiosks are state-of-the-art, with exceptional features:

- Vends fresh food and beverages simultaneously.
- Cashless payment system
– an option on YoZone kiosks which includes Visa and Master debit/credit cards, as well as Discover and American Express cards. Industry sources quote cashless payment resulting in up to 30% increase in sales.
- Maximizes school accounts where health policies require products such as milk and dairy based snacks to be vended.
- Perfect for OCS locations or as a satellite offering to a main bank of equipment. Vend the 4 main health product categories.
- Temperature control
– unlike other machines, the YoZone kiosks are field configurable to operate with or without NAMA health and safety controls using a HP refrigeration system and heated dual pane gas-filled glass for energy efficient operation.
- Remote monitoring software
– all YoNaturals vending machines come equipped with 24/7 remote monitoring that allows our operators to access their machines' sales and control inventory in real time and online.
YoNaturals is headed by an experienced team of successful vending veterans who have presented a business model that revolves around the uniting of two major trends, convenience and health, and turned them into new opportunities for distributors, operators and locations alike. It is common knowledge that consumers are increasingly choosing healthier options in their diets and YoNaturals is clearly the market leader within this category.

Our in-house product development team works closely with the manufacturers of our products to ensure we offer the best selection of healthy snacks that meet our customers' expectations and ensure we maximize sales results in each location. Most importantly, our healthy snacks are competitively priced and always in demand because they taste so good!

YoNaturals Healthy Vending is the perfect natural and organic choice for schools, offices, malls, health clubs, libraries, parks and many more, in fact over 1000 GREAT LOCATIONS!

The Yo! Naturals Kids Healthy Vending Program consists of the following:

- The purchase of a minimum (3) “Kids Zone” vending machines from YoNaturals.
- YoNaturals will then secure locations for you such as elementary schools, shopping malls, children’s retail outlets, airports, theme parks, museums, zoos, health clubs, toy stores, to name just a few.
- Once your locations are secured YoNaturals will deliver and install your machines. Technical training will be provided in advance.
- Your job is to service your machines and replenish the machines' consumables, as well as maintaining a relationship with the locations we secure on your behalf.
- Products are available through our own easy-to-use online ordering system and can be delivered to you. YoNaturals will suggest the most appropriate “plan o gram” for each of your machines.
ContactYoNaturals Incorporated.
The Beachwalk. 437 South Highway 101, Suite 209. Solana Beach, CA 92075.
Mobile858) 794-9955
Fax.(858) 794-9959
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