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Wheel Fun Rentals
Become a part of Wheel Fun Rentals, the #1 Recreational Rental Chain in the United States. We offer a winning combination of people, products and a proven system with our outstanding entertainment franchise.
While vacationing in Italy in 1987, our founder Brian McInerney came across the 4-wheel multi-passenger Surrey cycle. Having had a long affinity for bicycles he was so enamored by the Surrey he sought out the manufacturer and purchased a container of them before returning to the States. And that's how it all got started.

B rian returned and opened his first recreational rental location in Ventura California. He purchased a small quantity of regular 2-wheel bicycles to round out the rental fleet, but the real star was the Surrey cycle. Every customer (and family) left with a huge smile and a cherished memory.

As time went on some of the tourists who visited that first spot in Ventura wanted to start a similar business back home. A small distribution company came to be that sold Surrey cycles and the necessary replacement parts to keep them running.

Wheel Fun Rentals was established in 1999 when Brian McInerney and Al Stonehouse combined forces. Al's experience as president of Diamondback bicycles and skills at company growth and systems development helped establish a new direction. By 2001 they had added to the fleet with new unique cycles and had everything in place to begin franchising.

From those humble beginnings, today Wheel Fun Rentals offers dozens of fun and unique recreational items, designed to move you and available from outlets across the entire United States. At Wheel Fun Rentals, "FUN" is our middle name! Great customer service and a lasting memory are still what we strive for with every customer. We hope you enjoy the experience as much as we enjoy serving you.

Fun for the entire family. With over 8 million satisfied customers, we offer the ultimate in fun and recreation for the entire family, from toddlers through grandparents.

Enjoy the outdoors -
Our fleet of unique vehicles, offer unparalleled outdoor recreation, for sightseeing, people watching and a touch of exercise that will enhance any leisure time experience.

The Ride Of Your Life -
Our entire fleet is designed for fun. We offer a fleet of vehicles so cool; you'll want to stay all day. Try a Surrey with a fringe on top or one of our other specialty cycles. We offer sizes for couples or for the entire family to share. In some locations you can rent Fun Cars, Mopeds or Scooters. And when there's water we've got pedal boats, kayaks and canoes.

Total Investment Required:
$100,000 - $320,000
(depending on territory).
Earnings Claims: Unlike some franchisors, we’re not afraid to provide you with the information on historical results. That information is part of our offering circular and we welcome any questions you may have.

On-going Training:
We offer on-going training and support throughout the entire term of the franchise, including a one-week training session in southern California and an annual franchisee conference.

As a franchisee, you’ll receive the support of a franchisor who has been in “the trenches”, and a support team at the Central Office that will assist you on the road towards building your business. Take advantage of our field visit program, online meeting board and ongoing financial analysis. When it comes to identifying the right location, we’ll measure leisure activity levels for parks, resorts and tourist areas within your territory. In addition to site selection, we’ll design your signage and facility layout and we’ll act as your advertising agency at no additional cost. We’ll also be there for any important meetings and to assist with your grand opening. Supporting materials you’ll receive include training and reference manuals, DVDs, videos, extensive marketing manuals and more.

Special Terms & Pricing:
Partnerships with Schwinn, Future Beach Boats, Dazon Scooters and many others assure special financing and discounts for our franchisees.
As our logo shows, we offer good, clean fun for all ages. Our fleet of unique vehicles provides unmatched outdoor recreation for sightseeing, people watching and a touch of exercise that enhances any leisure time experience. Wheel Fun’s fleet has been developed for the rigors of the rental market. Our fleet includes unique cycles, electric cars, scooters, pedal boats, kayaks, mopeds and way more, including our new GPS Guided Tours!

In addition to leisure visitors, your customer base is enhanced with group and teambuilding events, kids’ camps, birthday parties and much more, making Wheel Fun Rentals am outstanding entertainment franchise.

ContactFreetime, Inc. dba Wheel Fun Rentals
4526 Telephone Road #202
Ventura, Ca 93003
Mobile(805) 650-7770
Fax.(805) 650-7771
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Wheel Fun Renta
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