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How to Wear a Tunic with Pants Stylishy

How to Wear a Tunic with Pants Stylishy
« เมื่อ: กุมภาพันธ์ 26, 2021, 11:11:10 AM »
How to Wear a Tunic with Pants Stylishy         
           Tunics, the perfect combination between shirt and dress has become one of the most comfortable options in women’s wardrobe that give you a modern and flattering look. Its hip length but shorter than dresses is very easy to pair with any pant in style and fun to try out. Make it all together work in how to wear tunics with pants stylishly to see a fresh idea to mix and match tunics for your every day.

1.   Tunics + Leggings
Get started with the first outfit. Certainly, tunics or any long shirts are very basic that we can do to cover your bottoms perfectly. Look flattering and feminine at the same time to team up a V-neck chiffon tunic in black or brown with black or white leggings. Then top off the look with ankle boots and a tote bag. Or, you can choose a cute boho tunic to match with ¾ length solid leggings and select strappy sandals for your footwear, a straw bag, and some statement earring and plain necklaces, suit for hangout and spring picnic. Don’t miss to have these versatile clothing when you have nothing to wear.

2.   Tunics + Jeans
When you are looking for something classic and comfort but still stylish, jeans are always the one of that. When plain tunics and jeans come together, it is such perfect casual chemises. Pair blue skinny or ankle jeans with a white tunic in shirt style with a pair of trainers or embroideries one and flat shoes. If you need something chic but not overdressed, strips or embroidered pieces will help. For accessories, you can carry a tote bag or shoulder bag with bold sunglasses. Whether you are going to see your friend at a bunch or need some casual wear for an office day, you will never go wrong to choose this duo to make your day easier. We confirm!

3.   Tunics + Wide-leg Pants
Look flattering and feminine to team up V-neck tunics with wide-leg pants to level up the look besides jeans and leggings. Stay on the trend to get some monochrome look with tunics in a voluminous white tunic with white wide-leg pants. You can play with other trendy shades like canary, lavender, beige or black. But if you want to play a shade of color to make a statement, color block fashion is fun to try such as white and lemon, sapphire and beige, pink and green, etc. The suitable shoes for this outfit can be high heels or pump to lengthen your legs and look elegant at the same time, fit for party or street. Try it!

Here are all ideas from us to make you style lightweight tunics with pants easier but still look sophisticated and stylish at the same time. It does not take much maintenance and perfect as ready-to-go looks in a modern way. Stock on tunics which is your style to match with favorite pants in your wardrobe, keep you cool and covered every day and every occasion this summer. Let’s get shopping!

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