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Astronomers find maximum safety area for life in the Milky Way galaxy


Astronomers find maximum safety area for life in the Milky Way galaxy
« เมื่อ: สิงหาคม 01, 2021, 07:39:17 AM »

The latest study to find areas that are safe for the existence of life in the Milky Way Galaxy Found that the ring region in the radius from the center of the galaxy 6,500 - 26,000 light years is the safest in modern times. Our world is also orbiting within this safe and worry-free realm.

A team of astronomers xo from the University of Insubria in Italy. The above research paper was published in the March issue of Astronomy and Astrophysics. They said they were trying to look for regions far away from the supernova explosion. and has the least amount of gamma-ray bursts in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Dr Riccardo Spinelli, who led the research team, said: "A violent explosion in deep space It is an indisputable cause for the mass extinction of various creatures in the primitive world. It could also pose a threat to the existence of life throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.”

Gamma rays and other high-energy particles emitted by the explosion. It can completely destroy the atmosphere that surrounds nearby planets. including destroying the genetic material or DNA in the organism until it dies

Previous research has shown that The Ordovician mass extinction 450 million years ago was caused by gamma-ray bursts in deep space near Earth.

This time, a team of Italian researchers Computer models are used to calculate the potential for a supernova explosion. and high gamma ray bursts These are regions of massive star formation in the Milky Way Galaxy.