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TypeDepartment stores
NameWorld Trade Center Laos
CountryLaos  Laos | Asia
Open DaysEveryday
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Market Detail
Lao International Development Co., LTD is to “set up the city spirit, promote the regional value” as the aim. Depending on the development of real estate, it is crucial to promote perfection of city function, the economic development of city and cultural prosperity.

Project objective
After WTC complete construction, WTC will integrate 6 economy of Vientiane with tourism quantity, expense quantity, economic investment scale, commercial business platform, employed population and the total tax revenue.
WTC being construction
Realize the establishment of chain industry including Commercial, Business, Restaurant, Entertainment and Product launch
Strive to achieve the most profound significance model city complex of Lao, lead Lao land resource to transform land economy into business economy and investment economy into finance
Strengthen tourism economic of Laos to become the commercial center, Lao people in Vientiane will live a better life, bring Laos reaches to international and also innovation Laos more development
Establish to be commercial fundamental of country. At the same time also support Laos to develop staff to have quality, it is not only technical staff, commercial, commercial management, and also includes engineer personnel, encourage Laos for industry development.
Prominent Point
Contact NameLao International Development Co., LTD
Contact AddressUnit 28,Nongchan Village,Sisattanak District,Vientiane Capital
Tel.856 20 9812 0888
Information as  28 Febuary 2014 
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World Trade Center Laos
World Trade Center Laos
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