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Journées des Collections Jardin Marseille

02 - 04 April 2019 | Garden Fair
In good time before the start of the summer season the garden fair Journées des Collections Jardin in Marseille opens its gates presenting a detailed range of products for the visitors, mainly retailers, who are planning their needs for the upcoming season. In the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere of Parc de Chanot it is also possible to establish new contacts as well as to discuss interesting business ideas.

Therefore, the fair is known as the largest annual gathering of the industry in France. The product range of the Journées des Collections Jardin focuses on the areas of gardening, building & landscaping as well as outdoor living and includes both plants, seeds and garden tools as well as fencing, lighting, decorative elements, swimming pools and fountains, garden furniture, barbecues and many more. The event is also accompanied by a conference program. The venue is easily accessible by public transport. Parking is available on site.
The Journées des Collections Jardin will take place on 3 days from Tuesday, 02. April to Thursday, 04. April 2019 in Marseille.
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