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Merriangie means ‘Merry Angel’ giving happiness and beauty with warm hands. The brand name is a combination of the words ‘merry’ and ‘angel(angie)’.

In 2006, we started in Garosugil(Sinsa-dong, Seoul) with the former brand name ‘Nail Cafe’ with a concept of ‘Healing space and Cafe’. In 2012, Nail Cafe was rebranded to Merriange. For the last 10 years, we have been become the best nail salon brand of Korea.

With a motto of ‘Sympathy’, Merriangie head office and salons, our customers communicate each other to develop our own culture.

Recently, we have been selected by the Korean Government as the ‘Promising business’ and it is the very first case among the nail franchise business. In addition, Merriangie is leading the Korean beauty as an official sponsor of ‘2016 Miss Korea Competition’. 

Our company core value is ; ‘Customer-centered management’. For better service and customer satisfaction, we built a special membership system that allows our customers use their memberships at all the Merriange nail salons around the country. We always try to think in customers’ position and it would be the reason why we became the most loved-brand. 

As a franchise company specialized in Nail, we manage not only Nail salons but also Nail Academy to train and foster professional nail artists. The Academy also provides ‘startup and salon management education’ in detail for the people who want to open nail salons. 

Based on our professionalism and faith, we are planning to extend our business abroad.
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Information as 8 May 2020 
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