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Beautiful and cool 'emotional cafe'
Café Bonito's "Bonito" is a beautiful, cool, cool Spanish word for a nice and cozy coffee shop. Cafe Bonito's logo was inspired by the guiding principle of coffee in the form of two goats sitting against their heads.

Coffee is said to have originated in the mountains of Ethiopia. The Ethiopian shepherd named Kaldi discovered that his goats were eating red berries and running around dancing all night. In curiosity, I ate the fruit and I was told that I was dancing because my mind was clear and energized.

Cafe Bonita's original space
Café Bonnie is a space where you can feel relaxed and relaxed as if you are coming to Europe under the slogan of 'beauty coffee shop'. Enjoy the relaxation of a cup of coffee in the natural and comfortable space of old craftsmen.

In addition, there are various kinds of beautiful and practical coffee goods and beans that are suitable for 'emotional coffee shop', so you can buy them with your own eyes. And with friendly explanation, you can easily enjoy coffee in your everyday life.
'Beyond the value of coffee'
Enjoying the relaxation and romance of a cup of coffee, people seek love by creating bonds between people and their connections. I feel happiness as I find my spare time in my busy daily life and build a bond with each other.

We support farm life of cafe Bonnie or producer and practice sharing. We also have a systematic management system from the farm to the customer's table for a cup of coffee.

HACCP-bean certified bean
Having the philosophy that making healthy food for the people is the most important, Café Bonito Roasting Center has got HACCP (Bait) certification. HACCP is a food safety management system that prevents possible harmful effects such as mixing or contamination of foreign materials in raw materials of food, production, manufacture and distribution.

In order to certify cafe Bonita's roasting center (Yongin material), HACCP certification was obtained by continuing efforts such as disinfection of facilities and equipment, thorough staff training, and full restructuring of existing facilities in accordance with HACCP standards.
ContactKim Hee Ra
376-2, wonji-dong,seocho-gu,seoul,korea
Information as 2 December 2018 
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