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F2MG Global Beauty Academy
Since Gwangju SOOBIN ACADEMY was founded in 2003, we have fostered many stylists and make-up artists working for singers, actors and actress in drama and movies. Since the beginning of the Voucher System implemented by the Ministry of Employment and Labor in 2008, we have focused on employment, re-employment, and foundation of beauty shop or hairdressing.

In 2009, Gwangju SOOBIN ACADEMY was selected as a school to help students establish business and awarded a prize from the Ministry of Employment and Labor. We opened a branch institution in Sangmu district in Gwangju, the business center in town.

In 2011, we increased the employment rate of highschool graduates and was selected as an institution where students enable to experience careers by Gwangju Dongbu District Office of Education. In 2011-2015, Gwangju SOOBIN ACADEMY was selected as a school to help students establish businesses. In 2017, Gwangju SOOBIN ACADEMY opened make-up classes for practical training so that people who closed their business earlier can get help with reopening their business.

The courses we provide are MAKE-UP regular class, MAKE-UP 2nd level, MAKE-UP 3rd level, MAKE-UP practical training class, Personal color, Special makeup class, Airbrush(Body painting), a class for students who prepare studying in England, Make-up artist(Beginning class), Make-up artist(Advanced class), Nail Art class, Nail Art National License preparation class, Advanced Nail Art class, Special class for Nail Art practical training, Class for hairstylist license, practical training, Advanced class (Up Style), Training class of Skincare for instructors, Skincare practical training, Special class for Waxing Semipermanent.

The main office F2MG PRO is located in Seoul. We rebranded our institute as changing the name from SOOBIN ACADEMY to F2MG Global Beauty Academy to foster international beauty specialists. We have expanded our business to the fields of Study Abroad and Overseas employment.

In 2017 the CEO, KIM SEON MI, was awarded Grand Prize for Global Beauty Academy Brand in the '2017 Korea Value Management Competition' hosted by The Herald Business and Korea Herald and superintended by Monthly Power Korea and Korea Management Evaluation as she was recognized for contribution to the development of relevant fields, such as creating sound future value based on excellent competitiveness.

In 2017, we concluded MOU with Arts University Bournemouth. Moreover, we also have a plan to work with other universities in England.

Beauty Hallyu Market (Korean Wave Market) is gaining popularity thanks to K-Beauty. Therefore, people are getting interested in beauty artists. F2MG Global Beauty Academy Co., Ltd. is a professional organization for educating beauty artists, and aims to foster global beauty artists.
CompanyF2MG Global Beauty Academy.
ContactKim,Sun Mi
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