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CLUB M KOREA is a leading car detailing service provider located within KAIST, one of the best science and technology institutions in Asia.

We have about 100 franchise shops who are members of Club M Family and MEGA-SHIELD. All products of Club M Korea Co., Ltd. are made in South Korea and have been tested by SGS, one of the world ‘s leading third-party inspection, verification and certification entity, and achieved the highest possible result in each testings (No other automobile paint protection product to date has been officially tested). - Only we have the special equipment, such as LED lighting and full UV heat treatment system, which maximizes the performance of polishing and coating materials.

Down below are some of the advantages of our franchise business

R&D Base
Most of the existing brands in the market are not a R&D/manufacturing based company, instead they purchase ceramic coatings for buildings in bulk and sell them as automobile ceramic coatings. As a result, the quality of the products are very low, and it is very difficult to use, which leads to many problems.

However, our company is a R&D based company and using our research data and patented technologies, we create ceramic coatings that are solely for the automobile with amazing quality and are extremely easy to use. This leads to many different competitiveness in our franchise business.

Major Ptpducts
  1. Automobile, ship, bike coating agent
  2. Textile, leather coating (Synthetic fiber, Wool, Silk, Cotton, Flax, Natural fiber, Fabric, Knit, Sweater, etc.)
  3. Glass coating agent (Architecture, life, cars, etc.)
  4. Interior and exterior wall coatings (Building exterior, Stone, Wood, Aluminum, etc.)
  5. Solar panel coatings
  6. Car care products (Coating agent, oil film remover, cleaning agent, etc.)
  7. Other Super hydrophobic coating.

  • Most of the brands in the market can only provide expensive coatings, but our company can supply coatings at competitive prices, creating a win-win situation for both detailers and consumers, maximizing profit and savings for both end.
  • Since we are original manufacturer, we are able to eliminate distribution steps bringing down the retail prices.
  • Since our products are easy to use, detailers can work much faster, increasing the turnover rate.
  • Most brands use only 1~2 different products to provide 2~3 different services, and since they are hard to use and takes long time to get the job done, the price increases and they can only target the market for high-end cars. However, we have developed over 10 products ranging from different quality and ease of usability. This allows our franchise shops to provide solutions for not only the high-end cars, but also towards the low-middle cars, which is much larger in size and quantity.
  • We do not charge any franchise fees or require the shops to change the names, thus they don’t have any burden joining our franchise and the rate of growth tends to be much faster than other competitors.
  • Normally for anyone to start an automobile detailing service will take anywhere between 3~12 months of training. This is why automobile detailing is considered a technology start-up. However, since our products are so easy to use, and we have managed to create a system where even a beginner can become a detailer and run a shop within 15 days of training.

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Daejeon Metropolitan City 193 Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Truth Tower T321
Information as 6 August 2020 
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