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Yoogane is the No. 1 marinated chicken galbi restaurant in Korea that has been loved by customers for the past 40 years since it established the "Botongzip" as a marinated  chicken galbi restaurant.
Yoogane is popular among young customers because of its signature taste and reasonable price. It has been promoting the Korean taste by opening stores in 8 countries. The structures franchise system provides optimized service at the franchise.
It is our mission to strive for the co-existence of HQ and franchise.
  • 2011 : Concluded a master franchise in the Philippines
  • 2012 : Concluded a master franchise in the Indonesia
    •  Concluded a master franchise in the Shanghai
  • 2013 : Concluded a master franchise in the Singapore
  • 2014 : Established Buy All Food global
    •  Concluded a master franchise in the Myanmar
  • 2015 : Established Buy All Food China overseas subsidiary
    •  Concluded a master franchise in the Thailand
    •  Concluded a master franchise in the Beijing
    •  Concluded a master franchise in the Hongkong
    •  Concluded a master franchise in the Malaysia
  • 2017 : Established Buy All Food Vietnam overseas subsidiary
Yoogane started as a restaurant with marinated chicken galbi at Botongzip.
Based on its know-how and expertise in operation, it is a successful restaurant brand that provides a systematic franchise system. We established a unique franchise manual and have provided best practice techniques to franchises, helping them to increase profits.
It will also provide the best practice of overseas franchise operations and lead the globalization of Korean food. We will put forth our utmost effort to establish ourselves as a reliable company under any circumstances.

Signature Menu
  1. Yoogane's Marinated Chicken Galbi
  2. Fresh cheese chicken galbi
  3. Fresh cheese miso honey chicken galbi
  4. Chicken Galbi Fried rice
CompanyBUY ALL FOOD Co.,Ltd
ContactHong, Min-sang
804, Gasan Digital 1-ro, 168, Geumcheon-Gu, Seoul
Information as 4 Febuary 2019 
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