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K Food Express
WEDO has three brands of "K Food Express", "KKONGDON", and "KJJAMBBONG".
"K Food Express" combines and re-interprets traditional Korean street food to cater to foreign customers. Thanks to its own signature sauce, cooking is easy.
"KKONGDON" specializes in pork and beef.
It has a young interior design to appeal to young customers and a charcoal grill to improve the meat flavor. Customers can grill their own meat and we provide various flavors of meat.
"KJJAMBBONG" is a brand developed by a noodle specialist of 30 years and WEDO is customized towards Asian customers
  • Mar 2017 : Opened a branch at Karak Market, acquired the auction rights
  • Jan 2017 : Started exporting food ingredients to Hongkong and Macao
  • Apr 2016 : Opened the first branch of "Kkongdon" in Shanghai
  • Apr 2015 : Started exporting food ingredients to Vietnam
  • May 2015 : Launched "Kjjambbong"
  • May 2014 : Concluded an agreement with Macao Galaxy for exporting food ingredients
  • Jan 2014 : Opened the first branch of  "Kkongdon" in Chongqing
  • Jul 2013 : Opened the fourth branch of  "Kkongdon" in Singapore
  • May 2013 : Opened the third branch of  "Kkongdon" in Singapore
  • Mar 2013 : Launched "K FOOD EXPRESS"
WEDO provides fresh, tasty, and affordable food as it provides ingredients from KARAK wholesale market. It is easy to cook with its signature sauce.

Signature menu of "KKONGDON"
  1. Pork belly : soft texture and rich flavor
  2. Beef brisket : signature menu of KKONGDON with rich flavor
  3. Pork back rib : special sauce and soft texture
Signature menu of "Kfoodexpress"
  1. Grilled Bulgogi combo : grilled pork Bulgogi with various vegetables and sauces
  2. Sausage stew : spicy stew with various kinds of ham, sausage, fish cake, tofu and Ramyeon
  3. Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap : grilled beef Bulgogi on Bibimbap on a hot plate
  4. Cheese chicken Tteokbokki : sprinkled Mozzarella on Tteokbolli with fried chicken
Signature menu of "Kjjambbong"
  1. Black bean sauce noodles
  2. Spicy Chinese-style noodle with vegetables and seafood
  3. Sweet and sour pork with garlic
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ContactChun Young min
204, Export center, Seoul Agricultural and Fishery Distribution Corportion, Yangjaedaero 932, Songpa-Gu, Seoul
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