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Since I got my own child, I became very interested in the education of child and tried various intellectual educations for my child.It has been the starting point for my educational business.I think that “moral norms” are required as much as now more than before.

Since ancient times, the importance of “personality” has been cast by many philosophers and thinkers.Personality should be trained from early childhood.

COPEL welcomes our school from a 4 month baby.I think myself it is best to start from 11 months.It is on time if your child is six years or less.There is a way to make it possible even after 6 years old.

We are learning “infinite possibilities from children” every day.
It was the beginning that a woman who originally worked for our company in Fukuoka returned to Oita. One day I received a message from her “I want to run a COPEL classroom once again”.

Her passion was out of the common.It seems like a funny story, but at the beginning a few children were forcibly collected in the middle of the rice paddle and it became a reputation and her classroom had over 80 students.

One of our prides is a figure of 83% of women returning to work.We have an environment that allows women to return to work after childbirth.

It can be said that women can make an outstanding contribution at our workplace.There are women in the he classroom owners and all the teachers who teach children are women.

It is also female employees who constantly evolve teaching materials and produce them.Ofcourse I give out ideas, but it is women in thirties to forties that embody it.
Yokohama Landmark Plaza 4th Floor, Minatomirai 2-1, Nishi-ku, Kanagawa Prefecture 220-0012
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