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Offering a premium women's fashion range inspired by Spanish ideology and localized to suit the taste, preferences, size and cuts of the Middle Eastern lady, Sombra is an exciting new retail brand operating in the UAE which is positioned to expand into new markets worldwide.

"Sombra has crafted a unique brand identity expressed esthetically, through the expression of its Spanish theme," says the company. "Sombra is Spanish for 'Shadow' and the brand builds the perfect silhouette for the elegant yet stylish woman. 

"Our lines offer a diversified pallet of colors which give ladies the confidence to express themselves in ways aligned with ethnic grounds. The collection is full of fun elements and allows every woman to express herself through a beautiful world of colors, patterns and themes by respecting all cultural boundaries. Sombra presents the latest trendy apparel wear, categorized as formal/semi formal, denim wear, sportswear with an assortment of handbags."

A strong franchise support package is in place to assist international partners in store location, design and construction, while Sombra's style team assists in planning the entire range for the new store according to local market's life style need. Expert ongoing assistance in implementing local marketing, in-store window displays and seasonal range planning and buying is designed to ensure the Sombra brand is positioned as the premier brand for ladies of style in the Middle East.
Unique Store Concept
  • Crafting unique brand Identity expressed esthetically, through expression of the Spanish theme, with rough & Strong Store Concepts
Visual Merchandising
  • Communicating brand Personality & seasonal trend stories through window & in-Store merchandising
Brand Image
  • Developing strong presence in all brand collaterals and seasonal catalogues
Fast turn over and design
  • Designs are based on Spanish trends & then tailored to Middle eastern market
  • Retail industry experience with infrastructure in place to handle logistics, distribution and sales
  • Financial resources to support multi store roll out
  • Good connection with mall operators in the territory
Training & Support :

Site Selection : Provide guidance and analysis in determining the ideal location for new store.
Store opening : Offer assistance and guidance in architectural service and store design to construction equipments, fixtures and local store marketing and launching activities.
Range planning : Offer assistance in planning the entire range for the new store according to local market's lifestyle need.
Retail Operation and Product Training Program : Provide operation training, Product Knowledge and Customer service.
Visual Merchandising Training Program : Conduct skill training Program on unique in-store merchandising process and window display set up.
Information System Services : Offer systematic IT foundation for Fashion retailing business opportunity Conducted by IT consultant of our proprietary Retail Point Sales(POS).
Planning & Buying Support : Continuously offer assistance in seasonal range planning & buying.
Customized Collections for Local Markets : Offer up to 30% of customization in rages to suit Local Needs & Tastes
Product Training Support : Offer Operational, Service & Product training for Skill development & continuous improvement
Visual Merchandising Support : Provide seasonal training for new in-store merchandising processes and window displays
Advertising & Promotional Support : Provide Support to franchisees in Marketing plan development & assist with local marketing offers alongside evaluating & analyzing effectiveness
Support Services : Offer consistent visitation & consultancy to all franchisees
P. O. Box : 85524 United Arab Emirates
Mobile(+971) 48886574
Fax.(+971) 48835276
Information as 2 December 2018 
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