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L Atelier d Argentine
“L’Atelier d’Argentine, the next generation female friendly steak house”
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NameL Atelier d Argentine
Was foundedA.D. 1905 (114 Years)
FROM 1905 TO L’ATELIER D’ARGENTINE the steakhouse has had a manly reputation for quite some time. In 1905, actress Lillie Langtry tangled with New York's iconic Keens Steakhouse over its strict "gentlemen-only" policy.

Langtry - who was, as general manager Bonnie Jenkins calls her, "a woman before her time" - eventually won women the right to dine at Keens. While the steakhouse proudly advertised that "Ladies are in luck, they can dine at Keens," Jenkins says there is evidence suggesting Keens persisted in seating men and women in separate rooms in those early years. Today, women are often the decision-makers in dining, and at L’Atelier d’Argentine women's tastes are a priority.


L’Atelier d’Argentine is all about options. It boasts a selection of 80 cocktails and over 100 wines by the glass designed to attract women, appetizers from Crudo de Corniva to Bunuelo de Espinaca; small plates (which rate particularly well among women), and more. 

The menu is authentic to Buenos-Aires; the steaks are served with fresh chimichurri and tomato salsa, in favor of the often more calorie-rich and masculine accompaniments such as béarnaise, garlic butter and peppercorn sauce. The menu also features 12 authentic and inspirational non-beef main courses that balance the 12 steak selection.
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The restaurant layout is opened up to be more inviting and less clubby, with the bar serving more of a focal point, and a lounge area where live music is played every week. The lighting is warm and "loungy." The balance of glass, wood, and custom vintage lighting make the design of L’Atelier d’Argentine modern and clean, yet authentic and welcoming. The space is smart, contemporary, unassuming and comfortable. The references to Argentina are strong and genuine through the food and beverage selection, but very subtle and underlying through the space, uniforms, staff and music. The spirit is Argentinian.

CountryCanada  Canada | America
Business type
Ready to expand abroad
Female friendly via 
  1. celebrated female group executive chef 
  2. interior design 
  3. menu diversity (non-beef)
Authentic Argentinean, as if torn out of Buenos Aires bleeding heart
Great value-for-money
Fresh, approachable and stylish
on investment

The restaurant menu is a modern, ingredient-led interpretation and true reflection of cosmopolitan Argentinian food. It takes strong references in regional cuisine and in Argentina’s prevalent European heritage and influences."With great respect for the produce and its origin, great ingredients turn into great food."


The cellar boasts an exemplary Argentinian and Latin American selection, as well as New and Old World classics. European and Argentinian beers and other beverage products are available.


To combat the perceived stuffiness of the traditional steakhouse, L’Atelier d’Argentine plays authentic Latin beats carefully selected from all over Latin America. The music in the dining area is subtle but noticeable, whereas the music in the lounge area is louder and more prevalent. Piped music is a mix between contemporary Argentinean beats and New World lounge music adding a little tempo as the night progresses. Live entertainment features on occasion and is as the piped music; not exclusively Argentinean.
of investor
  • Solid business experience
  • Proven expertise in owning and operating profile restaurant businesses
  • Prior franchise experience is ideal
  • Net worth of US$3M and US$1M in liquid assets
  • Local knowledge in the areas of real state, labour, distribution, restaurants and government regulations
  • Commitment to grow with brand
& Support
Training & Support :
  • Territorial grant of brand rights
  • Interior design and FF&E manual (will require execution by local architect appointed by franchisee)
  • Construction and site development support
  • Master manual, which includes all operational and brand manuals, full comprehensive product definition library and all systems and HR packs.
  • Business plan development support
  • Pre-opening conceptual product adaptation management (to adapt to local market)
  • Critical path management support
  • Pre-opening marketing, social media and PR support and pre-opening strategy development
  • On-going marketing, social medial and PR support
  • Senior team search and selection support
  • Senior team pre-opening training program (in franchisor location)
  • Junior team pre-opening training program (on site)
  • On-going cultural promotional activity support
  • On-going strategic marketing / PR support
  • Branded product supply

Our renowned female Executive Chef is there to underpin and solidify the sub-conscience by positioning L’Atelier d’Argentine within the market as a next generation female-friendly steakhouse. Natalia Machado is an Argentina native whose longstanding childhood ambition to become a doctor was steered off track only after deciding halfway through medical school to take a break. She enrolled in a culinary program just for fun. Suddenly, she had found her true calling. And Natalia does seem born to be a chef. Her warmth, generosity and wholehearted love of food shine through instantly, as do her powerful personality and her clear vision for each of her restaurants. She is now one of the most recognized and award-winning authorities on Latin American cuisine, in New York and North America.


and much, much more...

L’Atelier d’Argentine’s ultimate aspiration is to sit as a cornerstone in the global restaurant market.

Ultimately, L’Atelier d’Argentine is a great-valuefor-money contemporary and authentic Argentinian restaurant serving genuine and simple yet exciting dishes. When compared to other steakhouses, L’Atelier d’Argentine would sit at a marginally lower price point, but with an equal selection with a more specific provenance.
ContactL Atelier d Argentine
Address355 Rue Marguerite d'Youville, Montréal, QC H2Y 2C4, Canada
Tel.+1 514-287-3362
Information as  2 December 2018 
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