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Spun Candy
“The Concept Confectionists - Handmade Candy”
Spun Candy is an established British Brand who manufacturer confectionery products that are vegetarian, gluten free and use only natural fruit flavours.

Our aim is to provide a healthier alternative to the traditional confectionery category and is suitable for all age groups. 

Our candy is handmade in our stores, providing an engaging and theatrical customer experience.

Every one of our customers can come in-store and explore their senses with our delicious candy. Watch the magic as we create names, designs and logos within our small bite size pieces of rock candy or create candy wonders of flowers and toffee.

Our current licenced product range extends to the global retail (within our stores) and manufacturing rights for the Rugby World Cup 2015 and the Candy Crush Saga by King. 

Our corporate clients include Virgin Atlantic who we have made Richard Branson Lollipops for, Ted Baker, BMW Mini and Hearst magazine the owners of Cosmopiltan and Harpers Bazaar.
  • Handmade Confectionery Live in front of your customers.
  • Theatre and Engagement in our products, concept and service.
  • High Net Profit Margins.
  • Limited competition.
  • Seven Revenue Streams all with huge potential.
  • We are not only a retailer and manufacturer. We offer a unique and bespoke service that targets ABC1 demographics with a target age group of 5 years old to 85 years old. Our core customers are 25-45 year old females with high disposal income.
  • Luxury consumer product and service that is a ‘guilt free’ purchase.
We are looking for truly creative business people who are just like us. 

The skills we are looking for, from you or a combined team are :
  • Retail, Hospitality or Restaurant Operation experience.
  • Creativity, drive and an attitude that ‘Anything is possible.’
  • Experience in B2B, customer & retail sales helpful along with a fresh marketing approach.
  • Strong interpersonal skills in being able to develop your own team and the ability to create new corporate business and partner alliances to grow your corporate, weddings and licensing revenue streams. We know people buy from people!
  • Available starting capital of £300,000.
We offer full training and support :
  • 3 Months’ Candy Making training for your initial candy making team.
  • Retail Sales Training.
  • Corporate and Bespoke Business Development Training.
  • Store Operations Training.
  • Ongoing support of your concept.
  • Full Spun Candy Operational and Training Manual.
Revenue Channels :
  • Retail Sales : Your own store and open kitchen.
  • Wholesale Sales : Selling to premium high-end retailers.
  • Corporate : Average UK Corporate sale £2250, with a net profit margin of 60+%.
  • Weddings : Average UK Wedding Sale £350, with a net profit margin of 60+%.
  • E-Commerce : Your own online Store.
  • Master Classes : Average of £90 per person per class (2 hours). Up to 12 attendees.
  • Franchisee : If you own the master franchisee rights for your region you can sell sub-franchisee licenses elsewhere within that region.
  • Licensed Products : Manufactures and sell licensed products within your region.
ContactSpun Candy
58 Wentworth St, London E1, United Kingdom
Information as 2 December 2018 
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