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Good Earth Coffeehouse
“An authentic coffeehouse with good food”
At Good Earth we have been creating authentic, community coffeehouses since 1991, serving exceptional coffee and fresh, wholesome food, with a down-to-earth attitude.

We believe in our coffee farmers.
  • Coffee and espresso are the heart of our business. We believe in exceptional coffee quality, responsible farming, direct trade and small-batch roasting. We seek out farmers who promote environmental sustainability and establish direct trade practices to help improve communities where coffee is grown. 
We believe in good food.
  • Our food is fresh and wholesome. It sets us apart from the competition. Our good food is made fresh in Good Earth's kitchens every day. We serve delicious fresh baked goods and hot breakfasts, hearty soups and stews, fresh salads, and panini. Good Earth is uniquely a coffeehouse with good food.
We believe in community.
  • Coffeehouses have a long and colourful history. They are places people have gathered for information, conversation, revolution, comfort, and community for centuries. Our coffeehouses are warm, friendly, and inviting. A Good Earth Coffeehouse is a community-gathering place like the coffeehouses of old. 
  • In addition to our high quality coffee program, our food program can represent up to 50% of total sales. This provides higher average customer transaction amounts than competitors and delivers strong sales throughout all day parts.
  • Our social and environmental initiatives resonate with the demands of today's sophisticated customers and retail landlords. We provide a brand that landlords want in their developments and consumers choose over competitors.
Good Earth Cafes Ltd. is seeking interested parties to become Area Rights Developers in GCC/Middle East markets. The ideal candidates will possess the following :
  • Appetite, finances, and infrastructure to develop and operate Good Earth Coffeehouses within a defined region at an accelerated rate of 5 - 10 locations per year.
  • Experience as a multi-unit Franchisee/Franchisor/Corporate operator preferably in foodservice.
  • Experience in real estate and lease negotiations in the market.
  • Experience in supply chain in the market.
  • Strong contacts with local government in the market.
  • Experience or strong contacts in the commercial construction industry.
  • Experience or strong contacts in marketing and brand development.
  • Desire to develop additional markets with the potential for master franchising.
Training and Support
  • Full training in Calgary, Canada (6 weeks) for Area developer and Café Manager/Trainer
  • On-site Café Commissioning and Staff Training (2 weeks)
  • Ongoing Training in New Systems and Product Development Execution

ContactGood Earth Coffeehouse
Unit 136, 11988 Symons Valley Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3P 0A3, Canada
Information as 2 December 2018 
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