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Qwench Juice Bar
“Revolutionary Juice Bar Where Health and Taste Co-exist”
The vision at Qwench is simple - make genuine health and incredible taste live in perfect balance. Crafting the perfect recipes and maintaining the discipline to honor health is the heartbeat of Qwench juice bar. Qwench is an innovative and evolutionary response to an emergent food trend focused on fresh ingredients, natural tastes and flavors, elevated nutrition, and powerful superfoods. To achieve thirst-quenching taste, we use raw fruit and vegetable juice, always squeezed-to-order. We don't mask our blends with sherbets and frozen yogurt, instead we allow the fresh fruit and nutrient dense foods to permeate when blended, allowing for a silky texture and an invigorating taste.

The stores have been meticulously designed with an obsessive outlook on a clean and sophisticated flair. Careful attention has been paid to finishes and materials to present just the right balance of freshness and intricacy. With the perfect fusion of trendy and timeless music paired with cutting-edge visuals, Qwench evokes a euphoric vibe. 

Qwench pioneers trendsetting blends and juices, while preserving integrity, offering the classics that have paved the foundation for the juice and smoothie category. Finally, a juice bar where health and taste co-exist, fueling our metabolism and preserving our health.
  • Vintage Blends
  • Acai Blends
  • Protein Blends
  • Raw Juices
  • Green Blends
  • Epic Blends
  • Acai Bowls
  • Shots
  • All juices are squeezed to order in front of guests
  • Strong nutritional foundation as compared to other competitors in the category
  • Focused on offering raw ingredients in products including Super Foods
  • Fresh and ever appealing brand vibe
  • Multiple "wow factors" with a evoking and unique retail experience
  • Very simple operations model-controllable labor model
  • A variety of products appealing to many different tastes, designed to entice repeat consumers
  • Innovative "guest visible" fruit washers
  • Massive, self-misting 15'-20' Fresh Veggie and Fruit display bin
  • Well capitalized and experienced multi-unit food or retail operator with development experience in the key target markets
  • Have the ability to aggressively drive growth through company owned and sub-franchised growth
  • Innovative and creative thinker who can bring their passion to the DRNK coffee + tea brand in their targeted markets
  • Strong commitment to community
Co-Branded Opportunity (The true winner!) : 

The perfect winning combination that could offer higher AUV's is to combine two proven businesses with the DRNK/Qwench co-branded model. Maximize your revenue opportunity per square foot of retail space to get a broader appeal throughout the entire service day. Build a business that leverages two of the hottest and high growth segments in food service with both specialty coffee and juicing in a better balanced and profitable business. This is what we truly call "the sweet spot".

Training :
  • 2-3 Week training program in Hollywood, California (USA)
  • 1-2 Week (on-site) store opening support
  • Ongoing store visits and in-market support 1-2 times yearly or as needed
ContactQwench Juice Bar
1915 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States
Information as 12 ตุลาคม 2020 
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