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Pure Nectar
“Healthy and Great Tasting, Just Pure Nectar!”
Pure Nectar started over 20 years ago as Fruit Magic in the Philippines by Dr. Escalona, a Medical Doctor with a strong passion to pre-empt disease by bringing a healthy lifestyle for people by sharing the tremendous benefits of juicing. 

Over the last 20 years, the brand has continued to grow and its product offering has evolved as science and technology bring forth new revelations for living a healthy lifestyle.

Fruit Magic, with 65 locations in the Philippines, now transitions into Pure Nectar as the brand embarks on its global journey. Pure Nectar, the name, truly represents both the pureness and the amazing taste of this cold-pressed juice products.

Half a kilo of the right combination of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs are squeezed applying 14,000 pounds of intense pressure to ensure that every nutrient possible is squeezed into a wonderfully tasty bottle of cold-pressed Pure Nectar. No additives, no preservatives and no artificial sugars are added to ensure healthy and great tasting all in one bottle. This is what we call PURE NECTAR!
A Different type of Juice
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables and organic natural sugar cane syrup
  • No additives
  • No preservatives
  • Cold pressed with 14,000 pounds of pressure to ensure 100% of all nutrients are in the heavenly tasting PURE NECTAR
  • Offering cold-pressed juices and fresh fruit shakes
A Different type of Business model: Multiple revenue streams
  • Small footprint retail outlets such as a kiosk (Cold-pressed juice sold and Fresh Fruit Shakes Made)
  • Multiple, high-traffic distribution points using our super-cooling refrigeration system
  • Corporate, event, catering and home delivery as an alternative to other beverages
The Area Developer builds one production facility to produce the juice and supply it to multiple retail outlets, Distribution points as well as developing a supply for catering, events and home delivery. The business offers huge opportunities to create a very large Pure Nectar Juice business. Economies of scale will lower the cost per bottle of Pure Nectar juice as production is increased at the production facility.
An Area Developer is someone that can operate a production facility, manage multiple retail locations and supervise a sales team that can sell to distribution points and to events and catering companies. A home delivery network can also be set-up within the Area Development Block.

As a minimum, the Area Developer should have the ability to invest between US$250,000 to US$300,000 for an Area Development Block which will consist of opening a Production Facility, 2 Retail kiosk and 6 Distribution points where super-cooling refrigeration systems are placed-all within 18 months.

An Area Developer can expand by being able to purchase more than one Area Development Block.

Attention to quality, maintaining quality standards, ability to promote a premium product, manage multiple and varying types of business opportunities are some of the skills required in an Area Developer Candidate.
Initial Training : 1 week
Support : Help Desk available, Intranet with operations manuals, marketing tools, technology and other materials available.
New Product Development
  1. People have a busy lifestyle and are not eating right
  2. Due to what we are eating and how we are eating there is a tremendous increase in chronic diseases
  3. The Quality of our food supply has become toxic, as a result making our bodies toxic
  4. We are only consuming about a 1/3 of the fruits and vegetables our bodies need in a day
  5. Fresh Juice provides the essential nutrients our bodies need and boosts our immune system to fight off diseases
  6. Cold-Pressed juice (using 14,000 pounds of pressure) ensures that the maximum nutrients are released from the fruits and vegetables into a bottle of Delicious Pure Nectar Juice.
  7. Our product is healthy and Delicious and this is why we call it Pure Nectar:
  8. A High Quality Product: All natural ingredients, no additives, no preservatives, and no artificial sugar
  9. A unique scalable business model that lets you grow the business within an Area Development Block and also acquire multiple Area Development Blocks. A local, close to market production facility operated by you, retail kiosks, a unique distribution system where you place super cooling refrigeration systems at retail locations to sell fresh cold-pressed juice and the ability to provide cold-pressed juices to catering and events for huge potential.
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Information as 2 December 2018 
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