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Has Doner Kebab
“Real Turkish Kebab”
Type of business
Kebab Franchise
NameHas Doner Kebab
Was foundedA.D. 1999 (20 Years)
Established in Holland en started in Turkey sixteen years ago, 1999. HAS Döner kebab, started to expand in other cities of Europe in 2008 after 9 years of successful market penetration in Rotterdam. Today, Has Döner kebab is running fast food restaurants in 25 different locations of Europe. 

In 1999 Mr. Güç opens his first HAS Döner Kebab restaurant. The unique HAS formula was developed, with taste and quality at its centre. This has not gone unnoticed: it is now impossible to imagine a street without HAS. Our Döner kebab chain has been experiencing rapid growth.

HAS Doner is not only a doner shop but also a fast food alternative to traditional fast food restaurants by means of variety of choices in its menu.

Thanks to our secret recipe doner kebab en secret sauces that we invented in Turkey sixteen years ago. After people tasted our products the wanted more Has. Our customers trust in the constant high quality and freshness of our Doner kebab and our other products.

HAS achieves to meet different demands with the richness of presentation with delicious Turkish Döner Kebab, in different bread and presentations like Döner Box and Döner Salon, HAS Burger, Köfte, Falafel, Nuggets, Vegetarian Sandwich, Lahmacun ( Turkish Pizza), and HAS Salad.

Using the highest quality of meats in its production facilities enable it to sustain high level of customer satisfaction We use turkey and pure chicken fillets (100% Halal). 

So far all shops opened since 1999 achieve successful business in Europe en Turkey. The taste and quality are unique because of the special recipe, invented by Mr. Güç who is the owner of the Has Döner kebab, and its group companies which involves production and distribution companies.

For many people Has Döner is the best in quality and in taste in the Country. 

After many successful years. Has Döner is planning to expand its business outside of the country by finding right partners by means of Franchise opportunities. Expending in Middle East.
& Services
  • Doner
  • Kofte
  • Durum Doner
  • Durum Kofte
  • Falafel
  • Lahmacum
  • Lahmacun Doner
  • Has Burger
  • Kip Nuggets
  • Kip Nuggets Kinder
  • Has Salade
CountryNetherlands  Netherlands | Europe
Business type
Ready to expand abroad
Unique Business Proposition
  • Real Turkish doner
  • Special taste
  • Proven success
  • Own production facilities which keeps quality and taste always unique and in same standards
  • Full support in training and supply chain
  • Expanded menu compared to other Doner chains
of investor
Our expectations from the franchisee are as follows :
  • High Hygienic awareness,
  • Being client oriented and enable to assure highest client satisfaction in service quality
  • Sufficient financial strength to support the brand in its country.
  • We expect a high degree of enthusiasm and offer a good store with friendly staff that reflects the company's youthful and energetic culture
& Support
Training :

Our training department has been giving on the job trainee at least 3 weeks in the new locations. Therefore investors do not need to have past experience in the business since our team is running the new restaurants till they teach everything to the investor or to his/her team. 2 week pre-launch training in the franchisee territory for the first store will be provided by HAS Doner operations personnel.
ContactHas Doner Kebab
AddressCoolsingel 87-D, 3012 AE Rotterdam, Netherlands
Information as  2 December 2018 
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