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“Great food experience by incorporating international standards”
Today, the world has become so fast that street food and on the go meals have quickly become a convenient choice for people of all ages.

What people want is a meal that is affordable and healthy, without compromising on taste or quality. Yet has a wide verity of offering, from a brand that they can trust. And, that how the Shawarmanji vision started.

Our aim at Shawarmanji is taking the original shawarma rolling it out in a franchisable business (fast food) model with international appeal and a twist focusing on consistent high quality ingredients, un-questionable cleanliness, high service levels thru international guidelines and tailor made process & procedure. Beside the great taste of our shawarma, our menu is designed to cater for a large segment; Shawarma lovers, vegetarian, the health & diet conscious. In addition to building trust, we put a great focus on brand building. Investing heavily on design elements and marketing activity.

Shawarmanji's main rule is that it always delivers on its promise; a promise of quality, value, cleanliness, taste, speed, and service.

We provide intensive training before, during and post opening. Duration between 2 and 4 weeks at our training center or at nearest training outlet (onsite and offsite)

Our training department transfer Use records, manual booklets, update operation manuals when needed.

Support: We provide all the required documentations and support for our franchisees. 

We are also working on developing the "Shawarmanji Unviverse", an online portal to support our franchisees in their development and expansion plans. 

The portal will have all the latest Shawarmanji manuals, photo/ivideo library, guidelines and specifications in addition to interactive communication between Shawarmanji and franchisees.

We also have an open channel and communication with our franchisees providing ongoing technical advice and guidance through telephone and emails.

Research & Development: Introduction of new products, recipe modification, field visits, audits spot checks.
  • Shawarma sandwiches with a unique twist and flavors
  • Shakermanji (registered name) and salads for carb diet and the health conscious
  • Offer of veggie sandwiches
  • Chicken or meat platters with rice
  • Sambousek, Lebanese traditional appetizer filled with shawarma to create a mouthwatering taste
  • Consistently development of new product / sandwiches
  • Introduction of a New Breakfast Menu
  • Financial capability to develop multiple unit
  • Good working knowledge in local market
  • F & B Experience in market of interest
  • Have available "prime" location
  • Influence in acquiring prime location with mall operators or high street
  • People with good reputation and track record
  • Long term commitment with the brand
  • Adaptable to Shawarmanji requirements
  • Willingness to invest in a strong team to lead the business
  • Strong business & social network
Main Highway, Jal el Dib, Metn
Information as 2 December 2018 
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