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“America’s Best Salads”
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Restaurant Franchise | Quiz online
Was foundedA.D. 1986 (33 Years)
HistorySaladworks is America’s largest fresh-tossed salad franchise and has been synonymous with providing tasty, guilt-free, gourmet salads, sandwiches and soups as an alternative food offering to the standard fast food fare since 1986. Today, with more than 100 franchised restaurants in operation and as many in various stages of development, Saladworks is poised to become the world’s dominant salad-first and healthy brand substitute - to your typical hamburger, chicken or pizza franchise - by offering customers the flexibility to create their own entrée-sized salads or sandwiches through a fully customizable menu which promotes 52 ingredients served fresh.

Fresh doesn’t just mean crisp, hand-chopped lettuce and vine ripe tomatoes; it also means prompt, courteous service in a casual dining environment. From the design of Saladworks eco-friendly restaurants engineered for fast throughput to live menu samples prepared daily for presentation, Saladworks delivers the ultimate in health conscious, customer-driven dining.
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CountryUnited States  United States | America
Business type
Ready to expand abroad
  • Leader in the salad-first, fast casual category
  • Fully customizable and calorie conscious menu with every salad averaging less than 300 calories creating a consistent and sustainable customer base
  • Franchise model has proven stable and scalable over 25 years with over 70% of Franchise Partners owning or having committed to own more than one location
  • Large form catering and delivery menu available via the web so that Franchise Partners can acquire a supplemental revenue stream for prepaid orders
  • Real estate flexibility with protected search areas and store territories
  • Potential venues include food courts in regional shopping malls and airports, high end suburban strip centers and pad sites, college campuses and universities and urban or downtown outlets
of investor
While all international Franchise Partners will be different and unique in their own regard, all will share some basic qualifications:
  • Passion for the Saladworks brand and concept
  • Sufficient capital for an active store rollout program with end objective of building own restaurant empire through franchised and sub-franchised locations.
& Support
Training and Support

Saladworks offers full training and support for Franchise Partners across all facets of initializing and operating a franchise or sub-franchised restaurant.
  • Comprehensive assistance in site selection
  • Prototypical design and conceptual layouts for new restaurants
  • Five week training for Franchise Partners and key managers
  • Initial management training and ongoing business consultation
  • Access to corporate management team for business review and performance analysis
  • Regular consultation visits
  • Innovative, targeted local and regional marketing plans
  • Online access to high quality point-of-purchase, merchandising and local store marketing materials
  • Social media tool boxes
  • Dedicated marketing staff ready to assist with marketing and media planning
  • Continual development of world-class, customizable menu variety through improved products and expanded offerings
  • Operational support and quality assurance
Address1760 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA
Information as  14 May 2019 
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