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Zayt Zaytoon
“Traditional Lebanese restaurant”
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NameZayt Zaytoon
Zayt Zaytoon (Arabic for olive oil) is native to the Mediterranean basin and was known to people as early as the 8th millennium BC where it represented wealth and good fortune and was used in religious rituals, medicines, as a fuel in oil lamps, soap-making and skin care application.

Today, olive oil is a major source for food cooking with unrivaled health benefits and it is the basis for all recipes offered at Zayt Zaytoon restaurants where a wide selection of time-honored Lebanese specialties are made with the freshest ingredients to produce authentic recipes and exquisite taste in an enjoyable fast casual environment. 

The menu at Zayt Zaytoon includes soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps, hot and cold appetizers, oven-hot saj, manakish, arayes Lebanese pizza with finest of toppings, oven-baked "fakharat" in addition to grilled platters seasoned with exceptional herbs and spices.

Available Franchise

Master Franchise Arrangement with opportunity to sub-franchise subject to the franchisee fulfilling certain unit development requirements.
& Services
CountryBahrain  Bahrain | Middle East
Business type
Ready to expand abroad
  • Accumulated experience of food service operations under Fakhro Group a major food and retail operator in the Middle East region
  • Authentic Lebanese dining experience of healthy and nutritious food offered at a reasonable price point
  • Unique and attractive exterior and interior design and ambiance
  • Scalable store model and smaller restaurant footprint resulting in lower build-out costs
of investor
Strong business-oriented company already involved in a food and beverage retail business with dedicated focus on restaurant development and established supply chain resources and with knowledge of the real estate market in the target country and accessibility to prime locations and most importantly an appreciation of Zayt Zaytoon business model and brand value
& Support
Franchisee Training
  • Two-week initial training for up to 3 Individuals of the franchisee staff
  • Two-week pre-launch training in the franchise market area
  • Two-week post-launch support including soft opening and launch event, on the job training and store monitoring 
Support to Franchisees
  • The right to use proven successful business systems and accumulated know-how through initial and on-going training and provision of operating manual
  • Support in the development of architectonic images and interior and exterior look and feel of each store in the target market
  • Menu customization according to variables in the target market and productions of standard recipes
  • Supply of lists and specifications of equipment, furniture, fixtures and fittings and support in identifying local suppliers and development of supply chain systems in the target market
  • Recommendation of a suitable and compatible point of sale software program to be supplied by a local or regional service provider and provision of support in entering of data and use of the software program.
  • Advice and guidance in relation to launch marketing program and customized design and artwork.
ContactZayt Zaytoon
AddressBuilding 1534, Budaiya Highway, Budaiya, Bahrain
Information as  2 December 2018 
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