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Marcellina Pizza Bar and Restaurant
(Marcellina Pizza Bar and Restaurant)
“Pizza Bar and Restaurant”
Marcellina - the original Pizzeria established in Adelaide, South Australia in 1967.

Marcellina use tried and tested traditional recipes producing a consistently superior, quality, authentic Italian pizza and Pasta as well as other favourites.

Marcellina's culture was created by people who immigrated in the late 50s early 60s and who longed for good food prepared in the traditional way of their old homeland Sicily in Italy. Their passion was to produce food that was not available at that time here in Australia.

Nearly Fifty years on and offering non stop service to the South Australian and International visitors, Marcellina has retained traditional flavour, essence of the old passion and traditional customer service.

Marcellina use only the best ingredients; real shoulder ham, aged salami, chicken thigh fillets, and locally grown vegetables; delivered fresh daily and prepared by our chefs and trained pizza makers.

Pizza doughs are carefully prepared during the day; with timing being the key to the perfect pizza base.

At Marcellina we believe in serving our customers food that is prepared daily on our premises using the freshest ingredients and more importantly the best quality ingredients.

These days fresh alone is not enough! It has to be a combination of good quality, fresh produce and the right ageing of certain ingredients. Our policy is, to be proud of what we serve.
  • Nearly 50 years of experience serving customers fine quality food at affordable prices consistently.
  • Long standing relationships with exhisting Franchisees.
  • Flexible menu with the option to provide simple pizza and pasta menu through to full dining experience including specialty Beverages fine italian espresso coffee, Gelato and main meals chicken, seafood, meats, salads and appertisers.
  • The Marcellina Management and training teams vast experience last 40 years plus working and managing the Brand, and a hands on approach to customers and franchisees.
  • Our product is strictly quality orientated and nothing will get in the way of that.
  • Our potential Franchisees should have experience in the region they are operating, in the cultural differences and needs of the locals they are serving.

  • Also an important factor is that they should have the resources to grow at a steady stable rate through the best quality staff and the financial resources to be able to market a quality product such as Marcellina. The potential Franchisee should have a clear vision of where they want the brand to be and where the concept is going either being with numbers of stores or the expansion of the concept from quick service to fast casual dining.

  • The franchisee must be able to source the best advice with regards to potential locations and viability of these locations with regards to the Marcellina concept.
  1. Management Training - consists of a four-week management-training program for each of your restaurant managers. Your restaurant management team must travel to one of our Company Branches in Adelaide South Australia to receive this training. After you have opened your third restaurant, a member of the Marcellina Training Departement will visit your restaurants, at your request, to certify one of your own restaurants to conduct this training.
  2. Grand Opening Training - Marcellina will send a team of Two Certified trainers to your new restaurant opening for a period of 21 days. The team will spend the seven days prior to your opening at your new restaurant helping to set up the restaurant as well as to train your new crewmembers. The team will spend the Grand Opening day and the following 14 days working in the restaurant with your management team and your staff to ensure that the proper Marcellina standards are in place.
  3. Marketing Support - The marketing team, through your 5% contribution to the Promotion fund, provides you with ongoing support for such marketing items as in restaurant point of purchase materials, menu templates and LSM programs. Your Promo fund contribution also provides you with access to the Marcellina website, online ordering and mobile App through which you will have access to all of the available online marketing tools.
  4. Purchasing Support - Working in conjunction with the franchisee, the Marcellina Purchasing Department helps to coordinate the local production of all the required product to deliver the entire Marcellina Menu. Those products, if any, that are determined to not be available locally are sourced from our approved suppliers in Australia and imported through a consolidator.
ContactMarcellina Pizza Bar and Restaurant
840 Lower N E Rd, Dernancourt SA 5075, Australia
Information as 14 May 2019 
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