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Tie Rack
How do you store your ties? Do you fold them neatly and place them in a drawer? Do you hang them with the rest of the clothes in your closet? Or do you throw them in odd places and end up losing them? However you store them, nothing beats our incredible selection of high-quality and stylish tie racks.

Contrary to popular belief, a tie is a sensitive accessory that requires proper care. A tie requires much more than simply being hanged or folded when it's not being worn. 

They wrinkle easily and lose their shape just as fast. Even more important than the way you wear your tie is the way you store it. To properly care for this delicate neckwear, buy the proper storage tools so your ties can last you as long as possible.

The first step in maintaining your tie collection is putting it away properly. Regardless of the type of fabric, ties (even bow ties) are delicate and vulnerable to creases, wrinkles, and wear-and-tear. When not wearing your tie, always hang it in a closet or cupboard, no place that hits the sun. 

And never lay it down or throw it on the ground. Properly hanging a tie prevents the creases from the knot to fall out and hanging it in a cool, closed spot keeps it out of bright sunlight that can fade the fabric.

Lucky for you, we have the best possible tie racks to ensure your ties stay impeccable for years to come. We carry electronic tie racks for the guy on the go; wall-mounted electronic tie racks for the space-savers; traditional tie racks for the less tech-savvy; wall-mounted flip down tie racks that are incredibly simple as well as aesthetically pleasing; and tie hangers made from cedar that protect from moths. Whichever you choose, these racks will help keep your ties (and your closet) looking spiffy.
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