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Sunshine Laundry Convenience Store
Sunshine Laundry Convenience Store was founded by Mr. Ringo Wong, Managing Director, on 1 August 1993. The aspiration came from the family education that a man should start his own business at the age of 30.

Ringo had worked in a hotel housekeeping department for over 10 years gaining professional training and working experience of executive housekeeper of a 5-star hotel. He knew hotel customer service, types of cleaning, laundry and care of various types of clothing like the back of his hand, specializing in staff training. 

He also has much experience in systematization of management, standardization of work and production work flow which are the essentials of hotel grade service. There was much demand for these services in the 90's which inspired Ringo to start his own business so that more people could receive quality service.
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26 Sharp St W, Hong Kong
Information as 22 May 2019 
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