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Company Background :

Founded in 1899, Yoshinoya is a famous Japanese beef bowl (Gyudon) specialist with a well-established history of over a century. Its first store opened in Nihonbashi Fish Market in Japan. The market moved to Tsukiji due to an earthquake and Yoshinoya followed.

After over a hundred years' continuous development, Yoshinoya now has over 1700 branches around the globe, spanning from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore to California, US and Malaysia etc., and continues to provide Japanese style quality food and services to customers around the world.

Our Logo

Yoshinoya's "bull horn" logo was invented by Yoshinoya's founder Eikichi Matsuda, with orange as its main colour, and has been adopted as Yoshinoya's logo since 1899. The idea of the "bull horn" logo derived from the initial letter of Yoshinoya's English name "Y", while the rope surrounding the horn represents the "Yokozuna" ranking (winner) in Japanese sumo-wrestling, also representing the "Yokozuna" quality of our food. The surrounding rope is made up of 27 rice grains and the whole logo means Yoshinoya sells the "best beef bowls".

Our Mission

Yoshinoya believes in quality (Ryoshin Hinshitsu, meaning: Quality with Conscience). All our food is cooked to order with the best selected ingredients, providing food with the freshest and the finest quality. In order to provide customers with our incomparable excellent taste anytime anywhere, we continue our search for the truly best food. We deliver the finest food with speed, reasonable price and a cosy environment.
Product Introduction

Gyudon (beef bowls) are Yoshinoya's speciality. Prepared with premium beef and our special stock, over a steamy bowl of pearl rice. With such great tastes, it is no wonder our beef bowls are loved by so many. 

In addition to beef bowls, we also provide a series of choices to our customers, such as Vegetable Beef Bowls, Tobiko Salmon Flakes Bowls and Assorted Mushroom with Ao Nori. 

Our Vegetable Beef Bowls are made with prime beef and healthy vegetables, involving no stir-frying or frying, is simply the best choice for the healthy-savvy modern people. 

Our Tobiko Salmon Flakes Bowls are prepared with specially-marinated salmon and crab roes, covered with our special gravy atop delicious Japanese rice. In order to ensure quality, our Tobiko Salmon Flakes Bowls are only available for in-store consumption and are not provided for takeouts. 

Last but not least is our healthy Assorted Mushroom with Ao Nori, which are prepared with four delicious kinds of mushrooms, namely enoki mushrooms, Reichi mushrooms or Giant Trich, Sau-chun mushrooms and Chinese mushrooms cooked in a special stock, and is another fresh and healthy choice provided by Yoshinoya. 

We also offer various new drinks, of which Nata De Coco Fruit Punch is one of our popular specialities.

Menu :
  • Main Meal :
    • Ichiban Mega Don
    • Beef Bowl
    • Sumo Vegetable Beef Bowl
    • Vegetable Beef Bowl
    • Sumo Beef Hot Spring Egg Bowl
    • Beef Hot Spring Egg Bowl
    • Sumo Vegetable Beef Hot Spring
    • Vegetable Beef Hot Spring Egg Bowl
    • Vegetable Chicken Bowl
    • Beef and Chicken Combo Bowl
    • Japanese Curry Vegetable Beef Bowl
    • Japanese Curry Vegetable Chicken Bowl
    • Japanese Curry Beef and Chicken Combo Bowl
    • Tobiko Salmon Flakes Bowl (Dine-in only)
    • Pork and Beef Combo Bowl
    • Pork and Chicken Combo Bowl
  • Vegetarian Menu :
    • Kimchi
    • Miso Soup
    • Vegetable Only
    • Japanese Vegetable Bowl
  • Breakfast & Tea Set
    • Beef Kelp Udon
    • Beef Noodle
    • Beef Rice Vermicelli
    • Regular Vegetable Beef Bowl
    • Regular Beef Hot Spring Egg Bowl
    • Light Beef Hot Spring Egg Bowl
    • Chicken Kelp Udon
    • Regular Hot Spring Egg Chicken Bowl with Ao Nori
    • Vegetable Chicken Noodle
    • Vegetable Chicken Rice Vermicelli
  • Student Set
    • Regular Beef Bowl
    • Regular Vegetable Hot Spring Egg Bowl
    • Regular Vegetable Chicken Bowl
    • Regular Tobiko Salmon Flakes Bowl
  • Drink
    • Special Drink
      • Nata De Coco Fruit Punch
      • Red Bean Green Tea
    • Cold Drink
    • Iced Tea :
      • Iced Lemon Coke
      • Soft Drink
      • Tropicana 100% Orange Juice
      • Tropicana 100% Apple Juice
    • Hot Drink :
      • Lemon Tea/Lemon Water
      • Japanese Tea
  • Side Dish
    • Hot Spring Egg
    • Grilled Saba Fish
    • Vegetable Only
    • Miso Soup
    • Kimchi
Quality Certification

Yoshinoya is committed to the assurance of food quality and safety. In an endeavor to enhance and maintain a high standard of quality and safety of our food so that customers feel comfortable and safe eating at our places, our food processing / distribution centre and Yoshinoya stores* have respectively been certified for HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) since 2004. 

Quality Service

Yoshinoya is also committed to providing excellent services to customers. In recognition of our standard of services, the Hong Kong Tourism Board has awarded Yoshinoya the “Quality Tourism Services – QTS” status from 2005.

Community Concern

As a corporate citizen, Yoshinoya has also been actively involved in community activities through participation in various charity programs. In recognition of the contributions we have made, we have been awarded the “Caring Company” logo in 2008. 

Future Development 

Not only will Yoshinoya continue to expand domestically, it will also commit itself to enhancing food quality and to continuously improve on food variety, restaurant conditions and staff services, and to work towards our mission of providing quality with conscience.
Information as 2 December 2018 
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