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Amber is said to contain properties which keeps our body cool
Polish folklore says that, if a guy gifts amber to a girl, the probability of their marriage increases a lot .
Type of business
Integrated Fashion Products Franchise
Was foundedA.D. 2012 (7 Years)
AMORE, symbolizing the love and affection, a one and the only Specialized jewelry manufacturer of Invisibly set Princess and Baguette, giving diamond jewelry a  whole new dimension by moving into the unique and fascinating art forms, is what AMORE all about.

Under the professional and corporate approach of Mr. Shanti Barmecha, Chairman & Managing Director, the pioneer and visionary businessman and the Director of the Company, whose actions have led Amore to its present stature. His ideals and principles have taken shape in everyone at Amore, leading it to perfection, uncompromised service and constant innovation in the art of manufacturing jewelry. He has played a pivotal role in establishing Amore as the leading manufacturer of princess and baguette jewellery. Under the leadership of Shanti Barmecha, AMORE has recorded a 300% growth in the first three years of its establishment since 2005.

It has been one of the favorite vendor of its segment. With specialization in princess and baguette cuts of diamonds, AMORE creates exciting designs of rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces.

With experience of 10 years in jewellery and 35 years in manufacturing of loose princess and baguette diamonds, AMORE specializes in the art of invisible setting with the lowest record of fallen stones in last 5 years being at 0.2%.

AMORE is vertically integrated from rough supply to loose diamonds and to jewellery for princess and baguette cut diamonds. We are far more competitive in prices and supply than any other manufacturer.

AMORE is known for high quality finish and expertise in INVISIBLE setting jewellery, excelled with metal setting providing greater quality and workmanship than wax set pieces which are prone to fallen stones.

With design bank of more than 6000 designs catered towards invisible setting of princess and baguettes, we have wide design choice for our valued customers.

AMORE has a state of the art 18000 sq. ft. factory with modern amenities and the latest tech savvy manufacturing environment. Housing insightful designers, international standards for casting, a fully automated plant and a systematic quality check protocol. The use of precision technology in the well known art of Invisible Setting of Princess and Baguette is our strength in standing.

Presently AMORE is setting approximate 6000 stones of princess & baguettes, with a possible expansion till 10000 stones a day.

The production expertise & low falling ratio became a possibility only due to scientifically done bagging systems and precision setting of diamonds for the jewellery which AMORE has developed through experience. The culture of Precision & Discipline has been down streamed in AMORE’s operations.

AMORE is supplying to over 480 recognized jewelers both domestic and international and has a market presence in Middle East, Australia, US and UK.
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CountryIndia  India | Asia
RegionalASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
Business type
of investor
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AddressPandit Motilal Nehru Marg, Dindoshi Village, Itt Bhatti, Goregaon(E), Mumbai 400 063
Information as  16 May 2019 
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