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ALLUNIQUE was established in early February 2009, offering the 1st Hair Restoration Centre in Malaysia using the latest state of art technology providing effective therapy solution to all hair problems. We extended our business few months later to open a new Exclusive outlet at Rock Road, mainly providing Hair Restoration Therapy for man and woman.

The company has grown steadily to include Beauty and Slimming business working closely with UNISENSE and THALGO. With International brands and technology blended together under one roof, ALLUNIQUE has managed to combine the best and effective medically proven therapy for the customers whether is in Hair Restoration, Slimming or even Beauty.

This has make ALLUNIQUE a major player and preferred outlet in this Wellness Business, as Malaysians in general tend to be very interested and keen in using medical proven technology therapy in keeping themselves beautiful and healthy.
We offer a wide range of : 
Professional Hair & Facial services : 
  • Hair Loss Prevention & Restoration 
  • Scalp Care & Protection 
  • Marine Radiance Facial 
  • Absolute Crystal White (Ultrasonic wave) Facial
  • Mesolift Facial 
  • Oxygen Infused Facial 
Other services including :
  • Waxing & Whitening 
  • Body Spa Massage & Scrub Therapy 
  • Eye & Neck Tonic Treatment
ContactEasiway Slimming Centre Sdn Bhd
Ground Floor, Lot 3166 & 3167, Blok 10, KCLD, Batu 2 1/2, Jalan Rock, 93250 Kuching Sarawak
Information as 28 พฤษภาคม 2020 
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