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The Waffle
Since 2004, The Waffle has been well known from its signature smell and appearance of the products in combine with deliciousness. Nowadays, in Thailand, The Waffle is the leader of waffle franchise business with more than 200 branches all over the country, including market share of 70%.

The Waffle gives the best of our fresh products to our domestic and international customers with our secret recipe that no one can imitate.  With the unique taste and the secret recipe, it led The Waffle to become “The No.1 Waffle’s Brand Leader”
Type of business
Shop waffles, pancakes
NameThe Waffle
Was foundedA.D. 2004 (14 Years)
HistoryThe Waffle Supply Co., Ltd. started the business in 2004 by Mr. Suttichai and Mrs. Supunnee Panitnarakul who love to start the business with no experiences in this related field before.

“The story began when we had a chance to try waffles at a bakery shop, as we always enjoy snacks and delicious desserts, and we felt that waffles at this shop were really great, but the price was expensive with 20-30 Baht per piece. Therefore, we started to find a way to make waffles which were delicious, but not expensive.

With our enthusiasm, we started to seek a way to keep the deliciousness of the products, but cheaper, so anyone could enjoy the deliciousness of the waffles.

After months of trial and error, we finally accomplished with what we had in mind. We got more delicious and cheaper waffles than what we had ever tried and expected. From that first step, it led us to The Waffle we have today.

In the beginning, we started the business where we started selling our waffles at Mueng Thong Thani, with the price around 10 Baht. The result and feedback were beyond our expectation where we were able to sell a lot of our products.

Many people came and told us how much they liked our waffles, and asked where else they could purchase our waffles again. Furthermore, as the business started to increase, a lot more of people were interested in franchise business. Therefore, we started thinking about market expansion, and that what led us to franchise business of The Waffle.

From the beginning in 2004, with our dream to have a sustainable business with happiness which we have always kept in mind that happiness comes first, profit comes later. Nowadays we have more than 200 branches of The Waffle which have succeeded from the vision we have.

We always care and think of our customers as our first priority with a number of regular customers who have always been supporting us throughout a decade of The Waffle.

Nowadays, we are the No.1 of waffle franchise business in Thailand with our goal to be the No.1 in the world. As The Waffle Supply Co., Ltd., We always care and welcome anyone who would like to become part of our business.”  

Gaining Experiences to be professional
Today, with our company philosophy, our franchisees and customers are our priority. We hold on this philosophy since the beginning of the business, The Waffle has grown up from a small sized business and become a medium sized business and, now, The Waffle is ready to serve you
with high standards and great support teams.   

With the no.1 sale rate, high standard, and trust quality, The Waffle has earned a number of awards as following
  • TFBO Franchise Star Award 2011
  • TFBO Franchise High Growth Award 2010
  • TFBO Thailand Franchise Business Opportunity Award 2009
  • Thailand Franchise Quality Award 2010 and 2011From DBD Franchise Standard
  • Excellence Franchise Strategic Management Award
  • SMEs National Award 2012
  • SME Tee-Tak (SME ตีแตก)
From our experiences and dedication that we have put into our business until it became successful, The Waffle has received manufacturing standards, including GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), HACCP (Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points), and HALAL which is acceptable worldwide from Moody International Company.  

With the great success in Thailand, The Waffle has moved on to the next step of our company. At the moment, we have master franchisees in four different countries which are Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines, and The United Arab Emirates. With high trust quality and international standards, The Waffle will ensure of sharing our happiness of our products to every single one in the world.

In Malaysia, you can meet us on three different locations which are The Mines shopping mall, Central Market, and Monash University. With our unique taste and delicious products of The Waffle, do not hesitate to pay a visit at one of The Waffle shops in Malaysia. See you there!

The Philippines
For those who love the great taste of waffles in the Philippines, nowadays, you can have waffles without flying to get ones from their origin in Thailand. The Waffle in the Philippines is now ready to service for anyone who likes to have a bite. You can find The Waffle at SM Mall of Asia, Manila. Do not miss a chance to stop by when you see us!

The United Arab Emirates
In the Middle East, you can always enjoy our delicious products from The Waffle in the United Arab Emirates which is located on Jumeirah Road. The shop is well designed with an attractive logo of The Waffle. If you are in Dubai or have a chance to visit, please stop by and take a bite as you can find the shop easily along the Jumeirah Road. You will never forget the taste of The Waffle. Open Now in Dubai!

If you are one of the waffle lovers, who love every bite, smell, and taste of waffles, and interest to bring The Waffle to your hometown. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are always available for you. Let us know if you want to be a part of our family because we are “The Waffle”.

& Services
The Waffle always think as customers where we understand what our franchisees need, as franchisees always need to sell high quality of products with good bran and make great profits, and what buyers need in terms of customers, as customers always satisfy with quality, sizes, and prices of the products.

The Waffle has adjusted and balanced everything for a great satisfaction between franchisees and customers.   

What is Thinking as Customers?
  • The Waffle is not too expensive with satisfied promotions
  • The Waffle has satisfied taste and quality for customers
  • The Waffle weighs around 55-70 g./pc which is a perfect size for customers
  • The Waffle has sustainable profits which can sustain quality and taste of the products and will not affect regular customers
CountryThailand  Thailand | Asia
RegionalASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
Franchise Fee45,500 Thailand (THB)
Contract Period1 Year
Working Capital5,000 Thailand (THB) Per Month
Franchisor200 Branches
Sum Branch200 Branch
Business type
Ready to expand abroad
The Waffle is a franchise business where we provide all franchisees with fair treatment and same standard in terms of sustainable business with medium budget of investment and short payback period. The Waffle provides you with various choices of business.

Information about The Waffle Kiosk S (The Waffle S)

The investment of The Waffle S usually starts at 66,500 baht and other products that are not allowed from The Waffle are prohibited.

This type of investment is the most popular version of the franchise business, because of its attractiveness, as it can be easily found at any indoor location like department stores and shopping malls, such as Tesco Lotus, Big C, Robinson, Central, and other local malls.

Besides those, it is also suitable for transport stations like Hua Lumphong railway station, Mochit bus terminal, and, the most successful location, BTS station, where we have kiosks on 7 BTS stations including, Mochit, Ari, Victory Monument, Ratchathewi, Chidlom, Asok, Surasak, and Chong Nonsi.

Information about The Waffle Counter M (The Waffle M)

The investment of The Waffle M requires designation and installation cost of 25,000 baht per sq m., this also depends on the location as well. The products that The Waffle allows to be sold are waffles, drinks, ice cream, and souvenirs, this is because the space and the size of the shop is suitable for the display.

Selling other products which are not approved from The Waffle is prohibited. The Waffle M comes with various types and designs, this depends on the locations that the shops are going to be installed. Here are some examples.

Information about The Waffle Shop Outdoor

The Waffle Shop Outdoor is a type of investment that is suitable for any situation with no problems about locations.

The booth is designed with decorated roof which is able to resist any weather condition. The materials of the booth are made of aluminum composite, and The Waffle logo is made of stainless steel with decorated LED light.

Furthermore, 30 Amp of electricity and water system are also available.

The Waffle Shop Outdoor is designed for selling variety of products such as waffles, drinks, ice cream, and souvenirs due to the space and location of the booth in order to maximize the profit of the business.
of investor
  1. Love to make waffles
  2. Sell and Service with great dedication
  3. Have enough budgets for the investment
  4. Able to follow rules and regulations of The Waffle 
  5. Able to manage your own shop staff
  6. Have time for shop management 
  7. Able to be trained for improvement of the management

& Support
  • This price is for Thailand only and All of Price for investment update at July 1st, 2015
  • Prices of raw materials and equipments might be changed according to the latest update
  • Details and information might be changed, please look at the details carefully before signing the contract
  • This is just basic information, please kindly study and ask for information before any investment 
  • Details and information might be changed without advanced notice
Address419/41-44 ซ.ศรีด่าน 29 ต.สำโรงเหนือ อ.เมือง จ.สมุทรปราการ 10270
Tel.082-650-8866, 02-748-6410-11
Information as  10 September 2015 
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