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That’s why we say, "Taste it and love it". Of course not all ice creams are created equal, we use an ultra premium base mix, and search out the highest quality flavors from around the globe... Mini Melts offers something wholly different.
MiniMelts – The Worlds Coldest Ice cream Mini Melts are delicious kernels of ice cream frozen at extremely cold temperatures. Our special manufacturing process allows us to lock in all of the flavor and taste that you will not find in regular ice cream. Normal ice cream must have air whipped into it to enable it to be scooped. Mini Melts has no air whipped into it which means you are eating 100% pure solid Ice Cream. The exciting shapes produced by this process are mouth wateringly irresistible … some people call it popcorn ice cream … we call it “The Ice Cream Dream!” Of course not all ice creams are created equal, the taste of ice cream is determined by the quality of ingredients used in it. We have sourced out and tried hundreds of different ingredients before finally arriving at the perfect recipe for Mini Melts. When you taste our ice cream and compare it to others, you will realize that our super-premium base and natural flavours make all the difference. 

We challenge you to try it for yourself! Mini Melts ice cream was conceptualized and launched in 1995. Since then, Mini Melts has grown rapidly internationally. We opened our first Asian factory in Seoul, South Korea and then a second factory in the Philippines. We opened our Middle East factory and distribution center in the United Arab Emirate of Sharjah. This factory now serves Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and the rest of the Arabian Peninsula. Our expansion continued in 2000 with our factory in Hong Kong, now serving delicious Mini Melts in over 40 locations across Hong Kong and Macau. We also opened our factory in Florida in the United States in March of 2000. We have recently completed a two and a half year project in China to open our biggest Mini Melts factory. This 150,000 plus square foot facility is one of the largest cryogenic ice cream production facility in the world and will supply this billion strong market with delicious Mini Melts ice cream. The massive growth potential of Mini Melts has led to the rapid increase in the number of distribution channels across the globe. 

Mini Melts currently has operations in over 20 different countries including the United Kingdom, United States, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, The U.A.E., Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, China and now also in India We have designed our factories in anticipation of the growing market and the possible expansion into potential new segments and currently have a worldwide production capacity in the millions of gallons. Minimelts India located in Himachal Pradesh has a very sophisticated manufacturing facility and is the latest addition to the global list of Mini Melts manufacturing & distribution centers. To maintain global quality standards we have specially imported the latest Ice cream manufacturing plant from the USA. Mini Melts has patented innovative technology (Patent # 6,349,549) The United States Patent and Trademarks Office has awarded this patent in February 2002.

 The Mini Melts organization is dedicated to ongoing research and development to satisfy the consumers' taste and market demands. Minimelts India is committed to support the future of Mini Melts marketing through advertising, capital investment, technical support, superior quality control, continuing product development, and sales and marketing strategies to assure high volume sales with great profits. We are always interested in talking with individuals and companies interested in introducing Mini Melts ice cream into their own markets. Do you have an existing retail business like an ice cream store, restaurant, patio or other high traffic location? Interested in becoming a Mini Melts retailer? Our turnkey packages are designed to have you ready to sell Mini Melts within a matter of days. 

The MiniMelts Retail Franchise opportunity invites you to be part of India’s most rewarding business opportunity with an unbelievable low investment and fantastic ROI which will allow you to literally enjoy profits from day one of operation. A Mini Melts Ice cream Kiosk, can ideally be placed in any area, which has a high human traffic. The location can be standalone in a Mall or within an existing fast moving business such as a Supermarket/ Hyper-mart, Convenience store, café, amusement arcade, or any suitable venue.
No 86 Coles Road, 3rd Floor, Fraser Town, Bangalore 560005. India
Information as 14 ตุลาคม 2020 
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