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The year 2006 ... While interacting with students and teachers, the idea called ME (Magical Education) was born. ME came into existence to resolve the problems / difficulties faced by learners the problems that are not addressed in schools or tuition classes. Whilst schools /tuition classes focus on subjects, the focus of ME is clearly the learner. ME works towards building the capabilities of learners, towards strengthening their own learning ability. Maths is a focus area apart from their ability to concentrate, to remember, to understand what they study, complete their syllabus, strengthen their English language, to be a smarter person… Unlike schools or tuition classes who teach for that particular year, at ME the learning is for life.

ME trains school children, college goers, school teachers, tuition teachers, competitive exam aspirants.

ME has been able to identify the reasons why students find studies a burden and why they don’t enjoy studies. These grey areas that the students face create an adverse impact in their academics. Unfortunately, this major aspect is not taken care of by schools or tuition classes. They focus just on the syllabus making cramming machine out of the poor child and the child is left to fend for himself / herself.
  • Courses for Children from class 1 till class 12 
  • Courses for Professionals and Housewives
  • Courses for Competitive Exam Aspirants
  • Training for School & Tuition Teachers
Vastrapur, al Bad John's Da 380,015
Information as 2 December 2018 
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