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Gurukulam Kids
Kids Gurukulam Preschool & day care centre is having company owned centre at Mulund E and planning to expand franchisee network all over India.
A Caring and Sharing provider of Quality Childcare Facilities
KIDS Gurukulam Preschool & Day Care Centre is into preschool field in which a child's growth is harmonious and personally taken care.
At KIDS Gurukulam Preschool & Day Care Centre we strive to create a happy atmosphere where learning is fun. KIDS Gurukulam encourages children, parents and staff to embrace and enjoy their early experiences. We believe children learn most effectively through first hand experiences and their own activities.

The staff at KIDS Gurukulam is committed to provide high quality learning experiences through an appropriate broad balanced Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum based on play and communication. The learning environment is carefully planned so that children grow in independence and take increasing responsibility of themselves and others.

Children come first to KIDS Gurukulam and their personal safety, interests and education are of paramount interest to us for they are treated fairly and respected as individuals in their own right who given the right amount of attention will develop naturally and be ready for a formal primary school education when they leave KIDS GURUKULAM PRE-SCHOOL & DAY CARE CENTRE.

Learning should be fun but making learning fun through teaching can be a complex task. Therefore to achieve this, we have developed a 10 point plan which each Key person would work towards in conjunction with Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) : 
  • Stimulating children's imagination and creativity.
  • Social and Emotional Development – sharing values and experience.
  • Exploration of different materials, tools, music, ideas and imagination.
  • Communication and Language- through interaction with others.
  • Reading, linking sounds and letters.
  • Respond to children's needs by exploring through their senses (cognitive development).
  • Enrich language for thinking and writing skills as drawing shapes, space and measure.
  • Problem solving, Reasoning and numbering with use of numbers.
  • Develop muscular strengths and co-ordination skills through exercise.
  • Extend the children's understanding of the world around them.
The pre-school years are particularly important and very exciting for the children. Our key person allocated involves the children in fun learning activities as well as preparing them for Primary school and making them Independent.

These various first experiences shape their futures, so we aim to make it the best possible start in life!
Preschool in India :
  • Pre Schools are a booming business in India with low entry barrier, no Government control, high interest from parents; an evolving franchise model to scale up operations, Indian preschool market is set to flourish in the coming years. This has become an Rs 4000 crore business and expected to grow at around 40% per year.
  • According to reports by brokerage firm CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, the preschool industry in the country is currently estimated to gross about Rs 4,004 crore ($985 million). The report also indicated that the largest chain of preschools in India comprises of just 850 schools, less than 5.5% of the total market potential of 15,000 preschools.
ContactGurukulam Kids
Kids Gurukulam Preschool & Day Care Centre, Sane Guruji Nagar, Mulund (E), Mumbai - 400081.
Information as 11 กุมภาพันธ์ 2021 
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