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Our Nebraska-based chain prides itself on offering Mexican & American foods that are made-to-order fresh. Check out this page every Friday... we alternate between Fan Friday contests and offers!
A little fun can go a long way into making life seem special! Imagine then, what a lot of fun can do! That's exactly what we, at Amigos, have in store for you.

Access the most innovative and interactive world-class entertainment in India that will transport your mind to a fantasy world that you never knew existed! 

Enjoy a film experience that combines 5D with physical special effects that correspond to scenes. Ride the rollercoaster through hills and valleys with just a tilt of your seats in tandem, sitting in the 5D Theater.

Come and de-stress with your Amigos after a long day. Relax your body and mind with our exciting, new spa therapies like fish pedicure. Our terrace food court has an array of delectable foods that you can enjoy as you leisurely sit, oblivious to the blaring traffic outside. 

Over 7800 square feet of healthy, world-class entertainment (no alcohol or hookahs) for your family and friends. 

Come over, amigos… We know what you want! Make Amigos your premier party destination in Pune!
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