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Menara Optometry
Menara Optometry provides primary eye care services for all ages, professions, hobbies and matters relating to eye sight, thus ensuring the well-being of its customers in their daily activities.
Established in 1996 by providing optometry services, to date it has successfully opened a chain of optometry outlets nationwide and famously known as Menara.

Menara offers diverse products based on the needs of its customers and they are competitively priced coupled with professional consultation services.

Menara guarantees that we will always be the choice of customers by producing a variety of in-house branded frames and UVSoft as the brand for contact lenses together with its solutions that were patented in the year 2000.

To ensure Menara stays competitive, all outlets are fully equipped with the latest optometry equipments operated by qualified optometrists registered with the Malaysian Optical Council.

Menara believes that only qualified optometrists will be able to assess the needs of the customers and provides professional consultation services.

With continued strategic marketing and quality customer service, Menara sustains its success and is reputed to be Your Family Optometry Centre.

Menara also provides an opportunity for optometrists to become entrepreneurs through its franchise programme.
  • Frames & Sunglasses: FEEL GOOD & LOOK GOOD with our collections of performance sunglasses, designer and celebrity eyewear!
  • Ophthalmic Lenses: Which matters most? How people look at you, or HOW YOU LOOK AT OTHERS? Different ophthalmic lenses give DIFFERENT FEATURES & BENEFITS. Choose one that fits you and your lifestyle.
  • Contact Lenses: Here’s the rule of thumb when you wear contacts – you have to SEE GOOD, your eyes need to FEEL GOOD & they have to LOOK GOOD.
ContactMenara Optometry
No. 44A, Tingkat 1, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad Satu, 60000 Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur (WP)
Mobile03-7727 9920
Fax.03-7727 2124
Information as 2 December 2018 
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