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Many people still remember The Coffee Experience as the outlet with the big X. To all our customers we were known as Coffee X (we can easily spot old timers, it’s in the way you say it). Neatly tucked beneath the stairwell of the old Quad 2, customers would come and enjoy their first sips of espresso beverages… finding it to be a truly awakening experience.
Throughout the last decade Australia’s coffee roasters, cafe owners and baristas have emerged to lead some of the most innovative developments in global coffee consumption. This journey has taken dedicated people around the world, sourcing not only coffee beans at origin, but also brewing methods in diverse cultural settings, along with colours, flavours, fragrances and eclectic hospitality styles, that all enhance the coffee experience.

The result is a rich experience for locals and visitors alike, as they venture into city centres, the suburbs and regional hubs for breakfast, the mid-morning coffee and lunch. While other places in Australia have shouted their coffee developments from the rooftop, Sydney roasters, cafe owners and baristas have quietly gone about their business developing great places to experience great coffee.

The team that developed the Melbourne International Coffee Expo brings you The Coffee Experience Sydney, to capture the symbiotic essence that flows from crop to cup – exploration, experience, education, design and sensory innovation – to provide the Sydney coffee and cafe industry with a platform to develop, share and grow Sydney’s leading-edge coffee offering.
We welcome you to get involved. Exhibit, attend, enter the design competition and engage with the rich educational experiences on offer, in September 2014 at the Royal Hall of Industries.
Franchise Packages
  • Espresso Bar without Seating
  • Cafe Garden
  • Espresso Bar with Seating
Competitive Edge
  • TCE offers flexibility in size and is therefore able to setup in many kinds of location
  • TCE caters to a more diverse market because of considerably affordable choices
  • TCE employs one of the most extensive and innovative product lines
  • Brand Name Recognition
  • Pre-Opening Support
  • Marketing Support
ContactThe Coffee Experience Corp.
112B N. Domingo St., Cubao, Quezon City
Mobile726-7679 , 0922-8186961, 0922-8186930
E-mailcompetition @thecoffeeexperience
Information as 2 December 2018 
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